Game "Brainstorming"

To solve some problems, there is not always enough in-depth analysis. Sometimes it is easier to catch a clever idea in a stormy sea of ‚Äč‚Äčideas than from an even surface of measured reverie. In this case, it is justified to use the technique of brainstorming, the purpose of which is to quickly find the right solution.

The essence of the method of brainstorming is a collective surge of ideas, sometimes even the most fantastic ones. To do this, each participant should express as many options as possible, and the most successful of them are then subjected to a more serious analysis. Brainstorming is somewhat similar to the game, and therefore, ideas that normally come with a creak, thanks to this technique, are creative and effective.

The founder of the method of brainstorming was Alex Osborne, who advanced the theory that often unusual but fresh ideas remain buried under the fear of disapproval, mockery and blame from colleagues or superiors. That is why the concept of brainstorm categorically excludes the evaluation of ideas at the stage of their utterance, and only the most successful ones are subjected to further analysis.

Initially, all thoughts are positioned as those that have the right to life, when using the technique of brainstorming, the number, and not the quality of the ideas, is first important. And then the reverse transformation takes place.

Effectiveness of brainstorming

The effectiveness of the method of brainstorming has been repeatedly proven by various studies. In addition, despite the established stereotype that this technique is appropriate for people of creative professions, literate brainstorming can be used in all areas when effective solutions to a difficult task are needed. Another plus of the method - brainstorming allows us to rally the collective, increase the self-esteem of each employee, who will feel the importance of his opinion. In the future, individual brainstorming techniques can be used as an exercise for solving less important tasks.

Stages of brainstorming

Types of brainstorming

In addition to the classical method of brainstorming, there are several more of its varieties:

It is very important that brainstorming does not turn into an ordinary meeting or sit-down with anecdotes. To do this, strictly regulate the time and choose a competent leader, able to direct the conversation in the right direction.