Dry hair - what to moisten?

Hair can become dry for many reasons: frequent drying with a hair dryer, the use of curling irons, chemical waves, staining, exposure to sun and sea water, etc. Also, the problem can be associated with a lack of vitamins and trace elements, dysfunction of internal organs, hormonal problems. Some women have dry hair from birth, which is explained by genetic factors.

When do I need to moisten my hair?

The main signs of dry hair are:

This is also often accompanied by a nuisance such as dandruff, which is associated with the malfunction of the sebaceous glands of the scalp.

First of all, it is necessary to find out the cause of dry hair, for which sometimes it is impossible to do without the help of a specialist. Be sure to pay attention to the food ration, enrich it with fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood, refuse to eat smoked, fried and salty foods. Also, with dry hair, there must be special care, ensuring their hydration and nutrition.

Moisturizing shampoos for dry hair

One of the main stages of caring for dry hair is their proper washing. After all, before moisturizing very dry, hard hair by additional means, they need to be cleaned of dirt, and do it gently. Experts recommend washing these hair not more often than once a week and use boiled water at the same time or soften it, adding boric or acetic acid (1 teaspoon per liter of water).

It is important to choose a good moisturizing shampoo for dry hair, paying attention to its composition. Such funds should contain the following components:

It is undesirable to use sulphate-containing shampoos for dry hair, as well as formaldehydes, parabens with mineral oils. Since the use of even a good shampoo is not enough to moisturize dry hair, you should apply a balm or mask after washing. It is desirable that the shampoo, balm and mask are from the same cosmetic line. It is worth considering that after 2 months of using one line of hair products, it is recommended to replace it with another one.

Home Moisturizing Masks for Dry Hair

Beneficial effect on dry hair masks, which can be prepared at home from simple components that will be in every home. Here are a few recipes.

Mask number 1:

  1. Preheat 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil.
  2. Add one yolk and one teaspoon of honey and cognac.
  3. Apply on hair, wash off after 2-3 hours.

Mask number 2:

  1. Rub one yolk, add to it a teaspoon of glycerin.
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of castor oil and a teaspoonful of vinegar.
  3. Apply to hair, wrap it with a warm towel.
  4. Wash off after 40 minutes.

Mask # 3:

  1. Lightly heat a little sour or kefir.
  2. To put on hair, to wrap up.
  3. Wash off in an hour without shampoo.

How to moisturize dry hair tips?

Very often there is a mixed type of hair, in which the roots of the hair are normal or fat, and the tips are dry and split. AT In this case it is recommended, after washing hair, to rub the warmed vegetable oil (olive, jojoba, coconut or other) into the ends of the hair. Also dry ends should be regularly cut (every 8-10 weeks).

How to moisten dry curly hair?

For dry curly hair, the home mask is effective, which is prepared in this way:

  1. Strain in mush one ripe banana.
  2. Add one yolk and 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
  3. To put on hair, to warm.
  4. Wash off after 40-60 minutes.