Cold shades

Faced every day with different colors, not all people can determine whether it's warm or shiny. An inexperienced person can not accurately classify a particular tone. In fact, the task is rather complicated, because in every color, besides orange, there are both warm and cold shades. But for fashionistas it is extremely important to know, in order to find the right outfit for your color appearance.

Today's review is devoted to the second topic, namely cold colors and shades, and how to recognize them.

Principles for determining

Cold podton give colors such colors as white, lemon yellow, gray, blue, blue and black. And so, if in some colour these pigments are noticeable, it becomes clear that they are cold.

In the world of fashion, pure colors are extremely rare, most shades tend to flow from one to the other. Designers use mixed colors, which makes the determination process more complex.

For example, take a cool shade of red. If you look at it, you can see a certain blueness, darkness or greyness, then you can not exactly call it warm. Therefore, if a representative of one type of appearance says that a particular color is not to her face, then replacing it with another shade, the face will come to life and the appearance will become brighter.

Even sunny yellow can have a cold podton, if instead of orange blueness dominates, which lowers the "temperature". For example, it can be lemon, lunar, yellow-metallic and straw.

Women should choose the right outfits, not just fit for their appearance, but also the color of their hair. Surely everyone once experimented and cardinally changed the image from a burning brunette to a blonde, and vice versa. And many then wonder why the change is not to their face. And we are guilty of this ourselves, because we select colors that are not in our color. In order not to be disappointed, it is worth remembering that light cold shades of hair, such as ash-blond, white, platinum, light-brown with a pale yellow tint, will go to owners of the same "frosty" appearance.