Cloth Bamboo

Clothing and home textiles are increasingly made using a fabric called bamboo . This modern material, which was published in 2000, has already entered many spheres of human life. This happened not without reason - such products are of excellent quality and relatively low price in comparison with the old kind cotton and flax.

Composition of bamboo fabric

For the production of material use only natural raw materials, grown without any chemistry - a plant bamboo. So the rate of its growth is very high, the profitability of such production can be envied. Today, two technologies are used for processing raw materials into finished products:

  1. The first is based on the analogy of obtaining viscose from wood. That's why the fabric obtained by this way is called bamboo viscose. The raw materials are treated with carbon disulphide or alkali, after which the material acquires unique properties. At the final stage of manufacturing, the material is completely cleaned of chemical impurities. Most often on sale comes the textiles from the material obtained in this way.
  2. Manual or mechanical processing of bamboo stalks, followed by impregnation with enzymes, makes it possible to produce bamboo flax, which is very valuable, and therefore costly.

Properties of Bamboo Fabric

  1. Bamboo fiber, from which various fabrics are made, has a unique structure. With proper care (washing, drying, ironing) products from it for a long time retain their useful properties.
  2. The undoubted advantage of tissue from bamboo is its hypoallergenic, confirmed by physicians. This is especially true for small children, clothing and bedding that must meet high quality requirements.
  3. The fabric of bamboo is incredibly soft and durable at the same time. It does not cause irritation, abrasions and diaper rash even on delicate and delicate skin.
  4. Due to its porous structure, bamboo viscose perfectly preserves the heat of the human body, protecting it from cold, and protects it from overheating in the heat and does not allow harmful ultraviolet radiation to pass through.
  5. Bamboo fabric is easy to wash and almost does not require ironing.
  6. When worn, the material does not absorb unpleasant odors and even kills the bacteria, and the ability to absorb moisture from the bamboo is two to three times higher than that of other natural tissues.