Classic bedrooms - secrets of successful furnishing and fineness of decor

For many years, classic bedrooms are very popular, because their quiet environment has a rest. To design was harmonious, you need to carefully work out every detail, which should match the style.

Bedroom interior in classic style

Thinking over the design of the premises in the classical style, one must take into account a certain number of rules:

  1. In the decoration and furnishing it is worth using the rules of symmetry, because the disorderly and chaotic arrangement of details will spoil the overall impression.
  2. For the decoration of walls suitable wallpaper, and decorative plaster, natural stone. In addition, part of the wall can be painted as hand-made murals. For a floor it is accepted to choose a parquet or a laminate imitating it. As for the ceiling, it must be old and monophonic, and stucco molding is suitable.
  3. For the classics bedroom you need a warm range, for example, you can choose sand, yellow, terracotta, olive and peach hue. Contrasts in the design should not be present.
  4. In furnish and in furniture it is necessary to be guided by naturalness of materials. Especially popular is wood, which is used in furniture, decoration of walls, floor and ceiling. In addition, you should choose expensive fabrics, ornamental stones and metal (bronze and silver).
  5. The classic bedroom can be decorated with stucco, for example, friezes, baguettes and rosettes. The modern material is made of polyurethane foam, which is much lighter than gypsum.
  6. There must be a lot of decorative elements in the design, as in a classical room there should not be bare walls and unoccupied space. Choose pictures, vases, figurines and so on. In the classics, an important component is antiques, for example, antique watches, floor mirrors, candlesticks, porcelain figurines and so on.
  7. Modern trends in the classical style are manifested in the predominance of simple forms and lines. In addition, single-tone wallpapers or variants with a simple and understandable pattern are popular.

Classic wallpaper in the bedroom

To decorate the walls in the bedroom, the wallpaper in the classic style fits perfectly, because they do not disturb the calm and will create a comfortable environment. The white classic is suitable for a bedroom, as well as wallpaper of neutral and light colors. This will be an excellent background for any furniture, and even such shades visually expand the space , which is important for small rooms.

  1. Classic bedrooms will look great if you glue wallpaper with a natural theme, that is, flowers and other plants.
  2. A win-win option, which always looks stylish and at the same time strictly - a strip. It is better to choose variants with strips of different sizes of pleasant color scale.
  3. Classics allows the use of accenting one wall, and even for zoning can use wallpaper with a relief texture.

Classic curtains in the bedroom

There is a large number of subspecies of the classical style, which is reflected in the assortment of curtains. Thinking over the design of the "classic" bedroom, it is worth considering a number of tips on curtains:

  1. Choose "expensive" curtains, which can have shine or a pattern, for example, in the form of curls or flowers. If you choose English classics, then buy matte materials.
  2. Color depends on the chosen color scheme of the room and it is better if the curtains are slightly darker.
  3. You can use not only direct classical canvases, but also French or Austrian curtains.
  4. Classic bedrooms can be decorated with lambrequin, the variations of which are numerous.

Carpets in a bedroom of classical style

To make the room warm and comfortable, it is necessary to choose the right carpet, which must meet a number of requirements:

  1. No bright colors should be present and it is better to choose pastel and muted colors.
  2. To make the bedroom look perfect in modern classics, choose a one-color coating that can be decorated with ornaments and paintings. Please note that the availability of a large number of prints will "cheapen" the interior.
  3. It is important to observe the foundations of symmetry, since this is the foundation of classical stylistics.
  4. The dimensions of the chosen carpet should correspond to the surrounding situation.

Classic chandeliers for the bedroom

When designing a bedroom, it is important to pay attention to choosing a chandelier, since it is an important element for maintaining the chosen design direction. There are several details, which should be guided when choosing a lighting device:

  1. The chandelier base should be massive, simulating cast bronze or cast iron. Additional gilding decoration is welcomed. Note that such lighting devices can make space heavier, so for small rooms, you should choose something more elegant.
  2. The classic design of the bedroom can be emphasized by a hanging chandelier with imitation candlesticks and candles. They emphasize the luxury and sophistication of the design.
  3. Another element inherent in the classical style - crystal pendants. The only disadvantage behind them is difficult to look after, removing dust. Manufacturers have learned to paint crystal, so if you want you can buy a black chandelier, which looks very chic.

Bedside lamps for a bedroom in a classic style

The central lighting can be supplemented with lamps placed near the bed. There are several types of such lamps:

  1. The traditional option is a table lamp for a classic bedroom with a shade. The base is glass, ceramic, wooden and even forged. As for the lampshade, it should be fabric or openwork. Not only solid colors are allowed, but also with a small pattern. If you want, you can play with the shape of the shade. Original looks in the form of a cylinder.
  2. You can see the classic bedrooms with bedside sconces. Their base is metallic in the color of silver or gold. The lampshade can be in the form of a cone, a hemisphere, a cylinder or a flower. A characteristic solution for the classics is the sconce in the form of a candlestick.

Pictures in the interior of a classic bedroom - ideas

You can decorate the wall with the help of beautiful paintings , but only to choose the images you need according to the rules of the classical style. First, pay attention to the frame, which should be massive, for example, made of wood, baguette or an excellent solution will be forged products. Bedrooms in the style of the classic decorate with paintings written in oil, watercolor, pastel or graphics. As for ideas, you should choose luxurious stories.

  1. A universal option - landscapes, for example, woods, mountains, the sea and so on. It is better to give preference to cold tones.
  2. For the classics fit portraits. It can be famous personalities and personal images. It is recommended to order a portrait of oil.
  3. Excellent in the classic bedroom will look architectural sketches, views of the city and the like.
  4. An excellent solution - frescoes in pastel and soft colors, which will create the necessary quiet bedroom for the bedroom.

Bedspread in a classic bedroom

For a full-fledged design, it's important to take care of buying a suitable coverlet on the bed, as it will attract attention. Beautiful classics bedrooms allow the use of Jacquard , silk and dense cotton covers. In order to emphasize luxury, you can choose fabrics with the effect of light flicker. As for the decor elements, bows, ruches, monograms and gilding are allowed. When possible, it is recommended to choose bedspreads that are similar or identical to curtains.

Classic Bedroom Furniture

When choosing the design of a classic style, it is worth considering that in an environment you need to use all the items of the furniture set: a closet, chest of drawers, a dressing table, a bed and two curbstones beside it. Workplace in the classic design of the room should not be. Choosing furniture for the bedroom "classic", consider the important rule - contrasts are inadmissible and better, if the colors will gently flow into each other, thereby creating a comfortable atmosphere.

Classic bed for a bedroom

It is clear that the main object of the bedroom is a bed and for a classic style it is better to choose models of a large size. The bed should be massive and reliable, include luxurious items, for example, a smart headboard that can be beaten with leather or cloth. The classic bedroom interior recommends the purchase of a bed made of natural wood with a good mattress, as comfort comes first.

Classic wardrobe in the bedroom

Many will be indignant about what may be common in the classic style and modern closets, but this furniture can be used in this design, most importantly, to choose a color scheme and decor. Beautiful bedrooms in the classical style allow the installation of wardrobes, but only they should be decorated with columns, murals, mosaics and so on. The best solution is furniture made of natural materials. The facades can be decorated with mirrors, which will visually expand the space.

Armchair in a bedroom in a classic style

If you allow a free area, then in the bedroom you can install and an armchair in which you can accommodate, for example, to read a book. The interior of the classic bedroom is based on the study of details, so, when choosing a chair, give preference to models with carving, gilding, mosaic and so on. Remember that only natural materials are welcome, as for the base and upholstery. Excellent, if you can buy a chair with carved or forged legs and tapestry details. The color design should be combined with other objects.

Classic bedside tables for the bedroom

A useful piece of furniture is a bedside table that is placed near the bed and is used to set an alarm, put a book and so on. The classical style allows the installation of bedside tables of these types:

  1. For small rooms, this kind of furniture can be placed in a corner. In most cases, such models are very roomy and they can even store bed linen.
  2. The bedroom in classical style in light colors can be supplemented by a small bedside table made of light wood.
  3. The original version, which is suitable for classics - a curbstone, transforming into a small table. A great solution for fans to have a cup of coffee in bed.