Child's regime in 4 months

The kid grows, every day he learns something new, at the same time the regime of his life changes, because he will less and less sleep every day, and learn more about the world. There are certain rules about what and how much a child should do, depending on his age. In this article, we will examine what kind of day regimen a 4-month-old child has.

Children 4 months are very sociable, constantly "walk", react to toys and people, they are very interesting at this age, and they are trying to explore themselves and the surrounding space. Innovations for this age are the beginning of complementary feeding and the formation of skills for independent sitting and turning over.

The order of the day for a child of 4 months is based on the fact that it is necessary to adhere to the regimes of feeding and sleeping, and also to observe their order:

  1. Sleep.
  2. Feeding.
  3. Waking.

Sleep and wakefulness of a 4 month old child

At this age, the baby still sleeps for 15-16 hours a day, most of which (9-10 hours) should be at night, and during the day usually sleep 3-4 times for 1.5 - 2.5 hours. Night sleep will be strong and lasting only if the baby is active in the daytime, gets new impressions and walks in the fresh air. On the street you can spend about two hours depending on the weather.

The wakefulness or time of "walking" lasts for children at 4 months for 1.5 - 2 hours, and only before night sleep this interval is recommended to be reduced to 1 hour, so that the child does not play too much.

In the morning and in the evening, the baby needs to do exercises or gymnastics (lasting no more than 5-6 minutes), but only after 30-40 minutes after feeding. The rest of the time, while the baby is awake, he can play with hanging toys, roll over, spin up with rattles, play hide and seek with you.

Every day, better before evening sleep, the child needs to bathe. If you do this regularly, the baby will already know that after bathing, he will soon go to bed and will not be very capricious. Bathing can be combined with hardening, washing it at the end of the baby with cool water.

Throughout the day the child should be given a rest from the diaper: after bathing, changing clothes or massage, leaving for 10-15 minutes naked.

Child nutrition regime 4 months

According to the daily routine of a 4-month-old baby, the baby should be fed 6 times on breastfeeding: in the daytime in 3-3.5 hours, and at night - after 5-6 hours, and children on artificial feeding eat after 3.5-4 hours, and at night - in 7-8 hours.

To introduce complementary foods at this age is recommended only to children who are artificers. Give it better in the morning half an hour before the main feeding, and then make the gap a little longer, because the new food will be digested much longer than the mixture.

Approximate mode of the child's day is 4 months:

With this schedule, a 4-month-old child who got up at 8 o'clock in the morning should go to bed 21.30-22.00.

Of course, a child at 4 months should gradually develop a certain regime of the day, so that he would eat, sleep and walk at certain hours. But since each kid is individual and lives by his own biorhythms, you can not force him to live according to the schedule you compiled, but rather make a regime based on the habits and desires of your baby.