Books, games, puzzles for the autumn holidays

What to take a student on an autumn vacation? Certainly, something interesting, useful and fun! We picked up the books and games of the Publishing House MYTH, which are perfect for leisure in the autumn cold evenings. Stories about the Detective Pierre, mechanical tales, family games and puzzles - the choice is yours!

Books about Detective Pierre

Children like to play detective stories, solve puzzles, build guesses and defeat evil. Books about Detective Pierre - from this series. On each page there are assignments for attentiveness (to find a detail among many small objects) and to logic (to pass a labyrinth).

In search of a stolen maze

In the first book 15 turns, each of which - a complex maze and a separate artistic masterpiece. On one page you will find dozens, hundreds of items! Illustrations can be viewed endlessly. A detailed drawing, a well thought out composition - this was done by the Japanese studio IC4Design. Look at the turn: how interesting and complex pictures!

Chase in the Tower of Mazes

The second part of the adventures of Detective Pierre is a logical continuation of the first. The same heroes, the same delightful illustrations, even more fascinating labyrinths. Now the readers have added a responsible mission: to disrupt the insidious plan of Mr. X, who wants to plunge the city into darkness and ruin Christmas!


A special love for children is the sticker - a book with stickers. Of course, there are jobs there, and branded labyrinths - without anywhere! And 800 stickers with which you can create your own stories and even decorate your personal belongings.

Detective Pierre recently had his own fan club. The Internet-shop "Labyrinth" together with the Publishing house MIF launched the school of Detective Pierre. Children learn the wisdom of detective work and play real detectives!

Mechanical Tales

The author of entertaining stories Martin Sodomka himself came up with a genre for his creations. Mechanical (or technical) tales - the answer to the question: "How and from what it is made?" It is difficult to tell about the device, for example, a machine. Explain what the clutch, gearbox, shock absorber - even harder! But Sodomka managed to create not only informative stories, but also children's funny! Understand the intricate mechanisms help the mouse Arnie, the sparrow Bill and the frog Christian, because this is a fairy tale!

How to assemble a car

In the first story, the heroes wanted to assemble a car! Of course, they were faced with the difficulties they managed with humor, friendship and resourcefulness! The child, after reading this tale, learns what the car consists of and what better tasks to perform together.

How to assemble a plane

Illustrations by books are created by the author Martin Sodomka. From his drawings he breathes kindness and simplicity. You look at the skeleton of the plane, and it seems that it is not at all difficult!

Little readers after reading mechanical fairy tales experiment and create their masterpieces.

How to assemble a motorcycle

It would seem that after building a car and an airplane, creating a motorcycle should be easy! It was not there! Friends almost quarreled, but everything ended well!

How to Build a House

In this part of the mouse Arnie decided to marry Lucy's friend. A new family needs a home, and friends get down to business! In addition to building the house itself, you will have to solve many problems: make estimates, prepare documents, properly fill the foundation ... In general, although this is a fairy tale, but the heroes are struggling with real difficulties!

Games for the whole family

In this collection we also included games, because they are as interesting as books! And you can play with the whole family.

Once in a dark forest

"Once in a dark forest" he teaches to think logically, develops imagination and trains speech. The game is built on the technique of storytelling, that is, "storytelling." The beginning is one: "Once in a dark forest ..." And then, how fantasy will tell! And pictures on puzzles, which can be folded in any order.

By the way, Halloween just falls on a vacation. This game is great for that day to have fun at home with your family!

Paintings. My Big Exhibition

The set includes 54 cards and a booklet. First you need to read the book. From it, children learn about 48 artists from different eras, their paintings, the main directions of painting. Then you can get the cards and check who was listening and remembering. Variants of games are different: for memory, for speed, for knowledge of facts. The cards depict reproductions of famous paintings, pictograms designating the style, questions written or the name of the artist. After this game, be sure to go to the picture gallery: the children will already perceive art in a different way!


In the series under the talking title "Think" includes two collections of puzzles.

In the first part, a focus on the development of attention, memory, spatial thinking and logic. In the collection of 560 tasks - from simple to complex. In the end there are answers for verification. The design of the book is bright, interesting. The illustrations inspire the solution of puzzles, and to understand the tasks will help the children of Plato and Sophie, who will be with the child all over the book.

The second part of the book "Think" is directed to the development of creative thinking. It contains 150 puzzles: labyrinths, tasks for similarity and difference, drawing, logic. Funny pictures, interesting tasks - all this will make the learning process fun!

Autumn holidays - an occasion not only to relax, but also to expand the interests of the child. These books and games will give rest to meaning and will distract from tests, control and homework assignments.