Bonsai from beads - a master class

Bonsai is a great combination of nature created with human creativity. Dwarf trees, differing from their forest and fruit relatives only in size, will become a magnificent decoration of your house. However, these plants are very expensive, not everyone can afford a dwarf garden in his apartment. In the master class, we will try to copy this incredible creation - we will weave a bonsai tree from beads.

How to weave bonsai from beads?

In order to weave a bonsai tree from beads, this is what we will need:

Now we can begin to weave a bonsai tree from beads.

Master-class on weaving bonsai from beads:

  1. Then we begin to plant the beads. We do not cut the wire, we make a bead tape 50-60 cm long.
  2. Now we make a piece of paper from the ribbon: we count off the 7 beads from the edge, push them back and twist them into the loop.
  3. So do 8 leaves from our tape, the distance between them can not be more than 1 mm.
  4. Then twist the ends of the wire, and the leaflets bend to the top, and our first twig of beads for a bonsai tree is ready.
  5. We continue to weave exactly the same twigs until all our beads are finished, as a result, they should be about 250-300 pieces.
  6. Next, we take three branches, add them together, twist and grind a layer of thread muline.
  7. After all the branches are collected in three, we start making twigs of the second, third and, finally, fourth order. We are guided by the photo.
  8. Now we begin to collect our bonsai from beads. Take a thick wire and make a frame for the trunk of a tree. We get a design 30-35 cm high. We weave 4 thick branches into the frame (they should be no more than four, you can even take three).
  9. For reliability, we twist the branches with adhesive plaster.
  10. Further we continue to fasten branches to a skeleton, tugging from a plaster, from the largest to small. For the convenience of work, we fix the tree in the pot with gypsum.
  11. After the tree is fixed, we begin to process its trunk with gypsum - we apply it in a thin layer along all branches of the tree. We work extremely carefully, so as not to soil the beads-gypsum very quickly dries, and it will be very difficult to clean the beads.
  12. Now we start painting. The trunk of a tree and branches we paint with brown gouache, we paint over all densely - white spots should not remain.
  13. Then, using a thin brush, we apply barely noticeable vertical strokes along the entire trunk of a bonsai tree from beads to give it a more realistic look.
  14. Let's start decorating the soil in the pot. Here you can give fantasies absolute will: pebbles, ornamental grass, flowers, woven from beads - everything will fit for decoration as well as possible.
  15. Now, for even more gloss of wood and the reliability of the paint layer on the trunk of the tree, we cover it with a layer of clear varnish. Also at the same time we varnish and the soil in the pot.

Our bonsai tree of beads is ready! We put it on the Saami honorable place in the house and enjoy the result of painstaking work.

Author of the idea and images of Ales Sedov