Avocados from the bones at home, all the nuances of planting and growing

Many tropical fruits can be grown at home, most importantly, comply with all requirements. There are two ways how to get avocados from the bones at home, with their nuances and requirements. It is worth mentioning at once that not all people can achieve the formation of fruits.

Can I put an avocado stone?

Since the plant develops well, getting the tree from the stone is simple, most important, to observe the rules. It is noticed that significant growth is observed in spring time. As a result of growing avocado from the stone at home, you can get a tree no higher than two meters. To grow fruit, you will have to undergo additional procedures and in some cases need a vaccination. Even without fruit, adult avocados will be an excellent decoration of the interior, and even the plant cleans the air well.

Will it be fruit bearing avocado from the stone?

It is noticed that even if there are flowers on the tree, it is not a fact that fruit will start after them. This is explained by the fact that this plant has a complex mechanism for the dusting of flowers. Studies have shown that the fruit is tied in place only one of 5 thousand flowers. To grow avocados from a bone in house conditions which will bear fruit, it is possible to try by means of pollination. To do this, use the following statement:

  1. Each flower is opened twice and on the first day of flowering they only have pistils. It is necessary to select several flowers and mark them.
  2. The next day they will open again, and will already function as male flowers. Thanks to the marks, you can transfer pollen to female flowers at home and try to get a fruit in the end.

How to properly plant an avocado stone?

There are two ways that you can grow a tree at home, and everyone can choose the most suitable option for themselves.

  1. Closed way. Theoretically speaking, this variant of growing avocado from a normal bone at home is simpler. Take a pot of medium size, which should have a drainage hole. Fill it with nutrient and loose soil, and then, insert a blunt end of the bone. The depth should not be more than 3 cm. It is better not to fill the stone completely, leaving 2/3 parts above the ground. It is recommended to drop a few bones. Under good conditions they will germinate in 2-3 weeks.
  2. Open method . Many of those who are interested in how to plant avocados from the bones at home, choose this option. In addition, one can obtain a germ above that of the first method. It is necessary to use spacers for which in the middle of the bone there are four small holes for toothpicks. It is important not to pierce it too deeply to not damage the core. After that, the stone is inserted into a glass with water so that it is immersed in the liquid no more than 1/3. Constantly watch the water level. After a while, small roots will appear, and a cracks will form between the cotyledons, which indicates the appearance of germs.

Which side to plant an avocado stone?

The result of germination depends on which side of the bone was dropped into water or ground. Lower the seed with a dull part down. Another mandatory rule relates to the fact that the seed must be about 1/3 of it immersed in water or land. Note that in hot weather the water evaporates rapidly, so its level should be maintained. If you want to plant an avocado stone at home, then another tip is useful - to create a good level of humidity, you can close the bottle with a plastic bottle.

How does the avocado seed germinate?

There are several symptoms by which you can determine that the bone was good, and it will germinate. First, small roots will appear on it, and then after a while the shell will crack and a root will form on the core, and in the upper part a sprout. If you are interested in how many days it takes for an avocado bone to grow at home, then it takes from three weeks to two months. After that, you can land in the ground (if it was germinated in water). Do this carefully so as not to damage the root.

  1. For planting, use a medium-sized pot. Soil mixture can be bought in the store or made by themselves.
  2. It is important to consider that the avocado does not tolerate drought, so watch out for the humidity of the land. Do not allow drying and stagnation of water.

How to grow avocado from a stone?

After transplantation, when the tree begins to grow actively, there should be no problems with leaving. There are a few tips on how to grow avocados from bones at home:

  1. An adult plant does not require a lot of light, so you can put a pot on the windowsill on the north, east or west side. Protect the tree from direct sunlight, but in winter, additional lighting should be provided.
  2. Avocado is a heat-loving plant, so it will feel good at home at 14-21 ° C. The indicator at 10 ° C is already considered unacceptable.
  3. In order to get a beautiful tree as a result, it is necessary to hold a pinch. The first time the procedure is recommended after the appearance of the eighth leaf. When a new leaf appears from the new young shoots, then the pinching repeats.
  4. Avocado from the bone in the home is recommended to replant every year in the spring, using more spacious containers. When the age of the tree will be 3-4 years, then it is possible to transplant in a tub and do not disturb it for about three years.

Avocado from the bones - the soil

It is important to use a primer, which must be loose and moisture-consuming, it should not be caked and compacted in any case. Reproduction of avocado by a bone at home can not be carried out in acidic soil. It is best for this tree suitable soil mixture, for which in equal proportions are mixed garden soil, humus (raw peat) and coarse-grained sand. In addition, it is recommended to add lime. For a better aeration of the soil, put a little claydite, moss or peat into the mix.

Cultivation of avocado from the bones - watering

Tropical plant requires regular and abundant watering, but it is important to take into account the temperature. When a large amount of water is applied, the roots can rot and the plant must be discarded. Care at home for avocado from the bone means irrigation of the plant a couple of days after the top layer of the soil has dried. Of great importance is the humidity of the air, therefore, in a dry climate, spray every day. Please note that it is not the plant that is moistened, but the air near it. You can install a pallet under a pot of moistened claydite.

Avocado from the bones at home - top dressing

To make the plant grow well, be sure to bring fertilizers, and do it better in the period from March to April. Each month, about 2-3 feeding is done. You can use both mineral and organic fertilizers. Another suitable option is universal mixtures for ornamental foliage plants. Finding out how to care for avocado from a bone, it is necessary to indicate that the presented fertilizers are important to alternate between themselves. They can be applied directly to the ground and sprayed onto the leaves. The methods of fertilizing are also better alternated.

Avocado tree - disease

The plant does not often suffer from pests and diseases, but in some cases troubles still occur.

  1. Phytophthora. Fungus, affecting the root system, leads to its destruction. You can determine its presence by the appearance of ulcers on the trunk and leaves. Be sure to isolate the plant from the others and remove the infected area.
  2. Spider mite. The problem occurs when the air humidity is low. As a result, the leaves begin to turn yellow and fall off. If you do not start treatment, then the grown avocado from the bone at home will die. It is important to provide the required humidity and to treat the plant with soap solution, and it is better to remove badly affected areas.
  3. Powdery mildew. Finding out how to grow a healthy avocado from a bone at home, you need to know about this disease, which is manifested by a whitish bloom on the tree trunk. The plant begins to wilt and it can be saved with a solution of fungicide.
  4. At home, avocados can, like other plants, be attacked by a scab and spider mite. Cope with pests can be done with the help of folk remedies and insecticides .