Algae in the aquarium

Algae sometimes flood the entire aquarium and disrupt the habitat. Irreplaceable cleaners - dozens of species of aquarium fish, algae, snails and shrimp .

Fish Siamese seaweed

This inhabitant destroys red, diatom and green algae young, up to 10 cm long. In Siamese algae, an elongated body is silvery with a black strip. On the lower lip there are two antennae. It differs from the others in the strip from the head to the end of the tail, and also because it lies on the bottom at three points - the pelvic fins and the tail. The imported copies come in because they do not breed in captivity.

Seaweeds otocinitis

Catfish with a gray oblong body with a wide black band, a sucker-mouth and large eyes are algae otocynclus. They love aquariums with places where you can hide, with rocks, tunnels, thickets. Are capable to clean them from seaweed. They are unpretentious, eat raw, purified vegetables, keep at the bottom of the aquarium. Live with small fish.

Snails of seaweed

In marine aquariums are appreciated snails algae turbo, trochus, strombus. Snails eat plants, algae - scrape off the walls of the aquarium, with stones and corals.

Snails niritidy and viviparas live in marine and freshwater aquariums. Algae in the aquarium feed on algae. They get rid of aquariums. Rapidly multiply, can fill the entire aquarium. If you do not follow, can even harm other inhabitants.

Shrimp Seaweed

Clear aquariums are transparent, small shrimp algae (Caridina, Red Cherry, Amano). In the water are almost invisible. From the shelters swim at night. Eats algae and all the remnants after the fish. At night, they can pinch their tails. Sometimes they themselves become food for them.