Women's sweatshirts 2014

Among all things, the jacket is the oldest element of the wardrobe, and, nevertheless, today it is also in demand, as before. The jacket is considered to be clothing, where there is a clasp, be it lightning or buttons. Today, the choice of jackets is so great that every woman, whatever physique she is, or what social level she is in, will be able to pick up an exclusive and fashionable thing for herself, and we suggest finding out which women's sweaters will be in the spotlight in 2014.

Women's fashion sweaters 2014

The fashion for sweaters remains unchanged and in 2014 that is an obvious confirmation. Designers demonstrated their collections, where a variety of sweaters were presented. As this year did not bring significant changes, then wearing the last year's model, you will undoubtedly remain in the trend. The main motto of the upcoming season is comfort and elegance. In spring, fashionable knitted sweaters from the collections of 2014 will be more important than ever. Large knitting and the presence of patterns in the form of bobs will give that same elegance, a hood or collar will protect the neck from the wind, and large buttons will become a bright element in your image. Among knitted models, sweaters with short sleeves are in great demand. This model will be a great addition to the dress.

In addition to knitted models, the most fashionable sweats in 2014 were knitted specimens. An elegant pink blouse with a black edging will give mood to all around, and the decorations in the form of a bow or rhinestones will give your image flirtatiousness.

Pussy of the coming season among the youth were sweaters with neon stripes. In such a light blouse you can safely go to a party, and you will definitely become the center of attention of all present.

The jacket is a universal clothing, so choosing a suitable model, focus on the whole image as a whole.