Wedding dresses with closed top

Long ago a woman could charm a man with one glance only. And if from under the long hem and lacy fabrics an ankle or a shoulder has casually peered out, the man just went crazy with temptation. And now in the fashion world, full of frank mini and vulgar deep cutouts, wedding dresses with a closed top will be especially relevant. This outfit will perfectly emphasize the elegance and seductiveness of the chosen one, making it a secret that you want to unravel.

Fashions of closed dresses

First of all, it should be noted that the closeness can be reflected in the style of the outfit, the length of the sleeve and in the form of a cutout. Depending on this, the following models of modest closed dresses can be distinguished:

  1. Wedding dress with closed back. To decorate the back of the dress designers use lightweight transparent fabrics and decor of the original embroidery. This option is suitable for those who want to bet on elegance and emphasize their charm.
  2. Closed wedding dress with lace. Semitransparent fabric with patterns is an ideal option for those who want to hide the flaws of the figure and emphasize their graceful curves. Dress with sleeves made of lace suitable for autumn celebrations, and the upper lace layer will give the image of a certain charm.
  3. Wedding dress with closed hands. Here the sleeve can be long and short, flared downwards or in the form of a ball. Closed wedding dresses with sleeves in combination with snow-white gloves give the image of aristocracy and special magnetism.
  4. Dress without neckline. Many brides often overdo it with a cutout, resulting in an image that turns out to be too vulgar. In order to avoid such mistakes and to emphasize not lustful sexuality, but on natural beauty, it is better to choose closed lace wedding dresses 2014 without a decollete.