Very sparse monthly causes

With such a phenomenon as very scarce menstruation, girls often encounter, but the reasons for this feature are not known to all women. Consider the most common of the factors that cause a low volume of secretions.

What monthly should be normal?

Before talking about why the monthly can be very scarce, let us note what they should be normal. So, if menstruation:

Because of what the monthly can be small volume?

First of all physicians should establish: the primary character of this phenomenon or secondary, i.e. The monthly ones were always uninvolved or the change in their number occurred suddenly.

With primary hypomenorrhea (a small amount of menstrual periods since the beginning of menstruation), doctors talk about the characteristics of the female reproductive system or congenital pathology. It is also worth noting that the most common primary hypomenorrhea are girls with low weight.

However, often the cause of a very scanty monthly brown color lies in the secondary form of the disorder, which in turn can be caused:

Separately it is necessary to say about the influence of the psychological factor on the organs of the reproductive system. Thus, it has been established that negative emotions and experiences affect the work of the centers of the brain, which also stimulate the ovaries. As a result, there is a decrease in the production of progesterone, and as a result - scant excretions.

Thus, in order to accurately determine why the girl is very sparse, it is necessary to seek medical help.