Undory Ski Resort

The Ulyanovsk region invites everyone to a new ski resort Undory! It was opened recently, at the moment there are only two operating routes. They go here not only for skiing or snowboarding , but also to improve their health. After all, this place was built on the basis of the existing sanatorium called "Dubki". Let's find out what is so noteworthy vacation in Undorah, that it was already within the first year visited by more than eight thousand vacationers?

Rest in Undorah

The mountain base of Undora is located not far from the regional center (40 km). The winters here are snowy, but they are quite mild, the temperature is rarely below -10. In general, the presence of natural snow is not necessary here, it is enough only for minus temperature, and then it's up with snow cannons. In Undory they go not so much for skating, as for the purpose of treatment with mineral waters in a local sanatorium. For those who do not think winter holidays without mountain skiing, two tracks are prepared in Undory. More Undory are famous for their sights, excursions are regularly sent to interesting places. There is a magnificent nature, clean air of coniferous forests, there are lots of magnificent places to make beautiful pictures for memory. If your main requirements for a ski resort are gentle long descents, speed and adrenaline, then it's better to find yourself another place for skiing. Well, for a family holiday with children Undory will be a great skiing.

Undory ski runs

Since there are only two tracks in this ski resort, people who have been skiing on mountain slopes for several years are likely to be uninteresting. But for beginners this is the thing! Trails have a width of about 70 meters and gentle slopes (a height difference of only 60 meters). The length of the route is such that even the beginners will not tire their feet (400 meters). Served by two lifts. One of them is of the tow type, and the second is of the conveyor type. Both Undor tracks are lit at night, so those who wish can ride from the slopes until late. Pleases and the quality of the slopes, they are rammed daily by a snowstorm, so they have a perfectly flat surface every morning. Now let's find out where you can go or go during a break from skiing.


Resting in Undorah, it's worth to visit the paleontological museum. Within its walls you can find the most interesting collection of bones of fossil reptiles, whose age reaches 1.5 million years! This place is located on the whole fount of fossil wonders of past eras. He is unique and unique in its kind, children, and adults, it will be very interesting.

Local mineral springs are the "highlight" of Undora! At the moment, there are 20 key-hitting keys. This water is similar in its composition to the Truskavets mineral waters. Call it "Volzhanka", water is shown to drink in a variety of diseases. The local population knows about its medicinal properties for several centuries. This water is very transparent, has an incredibly pleasant taste, does not leave an unpleasant aftertaste, like many other mineral waters.

Now let's see how fastest it is to get to Undory by car. To go here is best from Ulyanovsk (the district center), the road will take quite a bit of time, no more than 20-30 minutes. The quality of its coverage is satisfactory, so you can slightly "press". Rest in Undorah is an excellent time spent on the slopes, an excellent charge of cheerfulness from the procedures of the sanatorium "Dubki" and positive emotions. To go here is definitely worth it!