The third child of Prince William may appear on public holidays

It is already known that Kate Middleton is eight months pregnant, and delivery is expected in late April. If the medical calculations are correct and the appearance of the third child Kate and William takes place on April 23, then this day will coincide with one of the most important Christian holidays, especially revered in Britain - St. George's Day, considered the patron of the country.

This tradition has more than a thousand years. According to legend, St. George in ancient times was the liberator of the inhabitants of many villages from the evil dragon. And after the saint appeared before the Crusaders, he was proclaimed patron of the English army in 1098.

Today, for citizens of Great Britain, St. George's Day is as important an important Christian holiday as Christmas.

Mary or Arthur?

Sources say that the duchess is a little worried, but overall her condition does not cause fear and now she feels good.

Here's what journalists learned from the insider:

"The exact date, of course, is not known, but if the baby is born on April 23, it will be a wonderful coincidence, very patriotic. If a boy is born, he certainly will not be called George. "

Now Catherine and William raise their son George and daughter Charlotte. The third heir of the four will be the fifth in line for the English throne, and his uncle Prince Harry will step back one level. However, as is known, this fact does not upset him at all. Despite the fact that information about the sex of the child is not disclosed, and, moreover, Catherine and William themselves do not know the sex of the future baby, in many betting clubs actively bet on the girl, and in the name of Mary.

One of Ladbrokes's bookmakers told reporters that many customers are confident that it will be a girl, and it would be nice to name it in honor of Grandmother Elizabeth II, Queen Mary.

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