The highest point in Australia

Many travelers are eager to visit the most entertaining places in the country where they go. In Australia , this is the highest point of this continent - Mount Kosciuszko.

Where is the highest peak in Australia?

Mount Kosciuszko is located in the south of the continent, in the state of New South Wales, near the border of Victoria. There is a mountain system of the Australian Alps, part of which is this peak. The height of Australia 's highest point is 2228 m, but it is not much different from the nearest mountains, since they are not much lower than it.

On the map of Australia's mainland, the highest point of the continent can be found on the coordinates: 36.45 ° south latitude and 148.27 ° east longitude.

Mount Kosciuszko is part of the homonymous national park. On its territory of interest for tourists are the huge lakes and thermal pools, the water temperature in which constantly keeps at around + 27 ° C, as well as beautiful Alpine landscapes. Despite the fact that this national park is recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve, as it contains many rare species of plants and animals, it organizes a large number of excursions.

You can get to Mount Kosciuszko only by private transport or as part of an organized excursion. This is due to the fact that buses do not go to places where you should go to the top on foot (Charlotte Pass) or on a cable car (village of Tredbo).

History of the highest mountain in Australia

The Australian indigenous people (aborigines) called this mountain for many centuries Tar-Gan-Zhil and treated it as a shrine, so just no one went there. This rule exists for them until now, but there are very few of them on the Green Continent.

The present name of the peak (Kosciuszko) appeared due to the Polish traveler Pavel Edmund Strzelski. It was he who discovered the two highest peaks standing in 1840, and decided to call the highest point of Australia the name of the fighter for the freedom of the Polish people - General Tadeusz Kosciuszko.

But during the ascent of Strzelski to the mountain a curious incident occurred. Since he made the climb to a nearby mountain (now called Townsend), which is below the highest point in Australia at 18 meters. This error occurred because at that time there were no instruments capable of measuring the altitude accurately, but the dimensions of the mountains were estimated visually. Therefore, this peak was called Kosciuszko.

Then, when the height of the mountains was measured, it turned out that the neighboring higher. The state government decided to change the names of the tops in places, because their discoverer really wanted the highest point of Australia to bear the name of the revolutionary of Poland and the hero of the struggle for freedom in the US.

Because of the peculiarities of writing the name of the mountain in Latin letters, Australians call this peak in their own way: Koziosko, Kozhuosko, etc. Mount Kosciuszko, as she is herself the high point of one of the continents of the planet Earth, is on the list of the highest peaks of the world. It is often visited by mountaineers and lovers of alpine skiing. The first often come during the Australian summer (this is in our calendar from November to March), and the second - in the winter (from May to September).

The climb to its top is well equipped, there is a convenient road and a modern lift, so you do not need special skills to conquer it. This is also facilitated by the flatness of its slopes, the absence of large clefts from the cliffs, and large vegetation. But the lack of complexity during the climb is compensated by the magnificent scenery, which opens from the top of Mount Kosciuszko.