Stripe dress like Xenia Borodina

It is worth this young, beautiful and stylish TV presenter to appear on the TV screen or on pages of glossy magazines in a new stylish outfit, as the young ladies are already dreaming of completing their wardrobe with something similar. This is, of course, about Xenia Borodina, who, perhaps without knowing it herself, becomes an icon of style for young girls. About a dress in stripes like Xenia Borodina, with the onset of summer, many fashionistas began to dream, following the images of a celebrity.

Dress in stripes Borodina - a dream of women of fashion

So, the striped dress of Borodino looks both simple and stylish. The secret of his success, in fact, is this:

This striped dress by Borodina can be worn for both a walk and a job, but it will be especially effective in looking at a seaside resort in the setting of white yachts and mountains.

Ksenia Borodina is a trendsetter for many

All the dresses of Xenia Borodina are matched with taste and meet the latest fashion trends. In some models, there is a starry chic and glamor, in others - the originality and sophistication. Dresses, in which the TV presenter appears on secular evenings, can make a worthy competition to the outfits of the most famous Hollywood divas. In this collection of dresses Borodina there are options that every fashionista can afford. Xenia tries to be different in each of its image, thinking it through to the smallest detail, selecting suitable accessories and hair.

In Xenia Borodina in the "arsenal" only fashion dresses from various famous designers who often ask the star to act as a model of their new collections.