Shoes with a hairpin have a number of advantages that made them the leaders in sales among shoes:

History of shoes with a hairpin

Fashion historians attribute the authorship of shoes to the hairpin Italian Salvatore Ferragamo, who created only one pair of Marilyn Monroe pairs of shoes! It was he who came up with the famous metal rod, which we now refer to as the "hairpin". In addition to S. Ferragamo, models of shoes were developed by Christian Dior , Roger Vivier and Chanel. Genuine connoisseurs of hairpins were Brigitte Bardot and Eva Garner.

After the triumphant appearance of fashion on hairpins for some time subsided, as many doctors began to promote the idea of ​​the dangerous effect of high heels on the circulatory system and health in general. However, in the early 90's, the studs returned to the fashion podiums again. In the period of disco and parties, famous models decided to return to the origins of femininity and sexuality and began to appear in the pages of fashion magazines in this shoe. Fashionable shoes with a hairpin from Manolo Blanik and Jimmy Chu in one moment became a living legend and the object of lust for thousands of women.

Since then, the fashion has changed, and with it the tastes and preferences have changed. Classic shoes on the hairpin remained virtually unchanged, but the modern variations on the subject of hairpins are quite diverse and interesting. Designers are not afraid to experiment with the form of shoes and decor, decorating shoes with thorns, rhinestones, embroideries and bright prints. From the latest novelties, it is possible to highlight high-heeled shoes with rhinestones that look great in the lights of a nightclub and attract everyone's attention.

Types of shoes with stilettos

Today, designers of shoes offer girls a lot of interesting models of shoes, each in its own way beautiful and unique. Among all known classifications the most informative is the classification by color of shoes. So, let's look at the stylist's main colors and what they should be combined with.

  1. Black shoes with a hairpin. Classics of world fashion. They are combined with almost any outfit and do not need any accessories. Especially impressive look models of suede and leather. Of the latest innovations, black models with a metal stud have become popular. The shine of the hairpin harmoniously looks with a blue-black color, creating a unique duet. Black shoes on a metal hairpin - must have every fashionista!
  2. Red shoes with a hairpin. A symbol of determination, passion and confidence. Shoes of this color will certainly draw attention to themselves, radiating a special magnetism. They look particularly impressive with a plain skirt or a dress of black color. Do not combine red shoes with things of the same color, since this combination will look unnecessarily obtrusive. Choosing the red shoes is better to stay on the refined boats. The bright shoes of the boat on the hairpin will look elegant on the leg and do not give the image of vulgarity.
  3. White shoes with a hairpin. Symbolize purity and innocence. Despite the light color, they slowly filthy and they practically do not notice dust. Shoes of white color on a high hairpin became a favorite attribute of brides, because they are organic in the wedding image.
  4. Beige high-heeled shoes. Excellent lengthen the leg due to flesh-colored and suitable for every outfit. Effectively look laconic models with a varnished surface and a hidden platform. Stylists consider beige shoes a base for creating a fashionable image.
  5. Pink shoes with a hairpin. Shoes that will add an image of piquancy and femininity. The color can range from warm pink to rich fuchsia. Bright pink shoes on a hairpin require accessories of similar colors. However, if you choose the right set, then success will be guaranteed to you!

This is the basic coloring of shoes with stilettos. Of course, there are a lot of shades, each of which is sure to find its spectator. For example, unusual blue shoes on a hairpin to someone seem excessively shocking, but for someone they will become a favorite couple. Everything depends on tastes and preferences.

In addition to the division of shoes according to the coloring criterion, there is a classification according to the length of the heel and the shape of the sock. Girls of short height are ideally suited shoes with a high heel with a hidden platform. This model reduces stress on the foot, without sacrificing the length of the heel. However, there is an unofficial limitation - the shoes on the hairpin and on the platform should be worn for the evening exit. For work and everyday wearing, one-color shoes with a small stud are suitable, which will be comfortable and will not create discomfort for a long day.