Shoes shale - 105 photos of everyday and beach models from the best brands

Shoes shale - this is the model that remains outside fashion trends. It is relevant every spring and summer season. In addition, it is practical and stylish footwear, which will be a perfect addition to any beach and everyday image. Another advantage of this beauty is that it emphasizes the grace of the female ankle.

Slates 2018

Fashion shale 2018 - this is what can compete with shoes on a stud , elegant boats. The world of high fashion does not stand still. With each season collections of eminent brands are replenished with all the new cool models and shoes shale - a vivid proof of that. Reasoning in more detail about fashion collections, I want to mention the creation of Fenty x Puma, a collection created by Rihanna. The main characteristic of each model is audacity. It is clear why the multimillion-dollar army of singer's fans in a matter of days bought up the things of her authorship.

And shoe shirts from the London brand ISA ARFEN - it's always something simple, with a laconic design that will become an adornment of the outfit. This beauty resembles the Japanese sandals of the Geta. Notice how organically they look with an elegant costume in a floral print and trousers 7/8. Do you still think that women's leather shale does not match with the evening dress?

In addition to the classical color scheme, the designer of the young brand introduced the model to the world with gently pink fabric straps. And the platform will visually stretch out the silhouette, it will help to look slimmer and more attractive. This can be said about the colorful creation of Mary Katrantzou, decorated with silvery stones and an iridescent color scheme, from which it is difficult to tear your eyes.

How not to mention the American fashion brand Michael Kors, every new collection of which everyone is waiting with impatience? This time, the spring-summer line was supplemented with minimalist shoe shoe, which the designer of the fashion house offers to wear with everyday clothes, and with business skirts, and with elegant light sundresses. Especially stylish looks shoe with a silvery sheen.

Such footwear as shale is known for its practicality. So, I entered and ran on my business. Designers say that if you add bright elements to it, they will become not just practical, but also fashionable. What can I say, but the designers, as in the water looked. Already this spring the fashion world was filled with such beauty. American designer Alexander Wang has expanded the collection of the brand with slates, which adorn the ankle with massive silver accessories, wide leather straps. Along with this, in the collection of Alexander Wong you can see the minimal black slippers .

Do you think that practical shoe shoes are made in a minimalist design? Look at the beauty of the world famous brand Dolce & Gabbana. How can you not fall in love with Vietnamese, encrusted with massive, colorful stones? And how they dazzle brilliantly on the sun's rays! Versace released a stylish model, calling it "Medusa". These black flip flops are recommended to be worn with both dresses, and with trousers, and with sports shorts.

Fashion shale

Women's slates through the finger won the fashionable Olympus. For example, if you are a fan of things in the British style, take a closer look at high-quality footwear and London design from the brand Jack Wills. Contrast red straps and a sole in stripes diversify any summer outfit. Slippers on the cork soles, which perfectly combined American and Japanese design, have replenished the new collection of the Superdry brand. Need shale sandals? Call It Spring knows what to offer you. Shoes with bright ties connected the street style and podium trends.

Need something with a spectacular design that includes simplicity, elegance and refinement? New Look knows what to please fashionistas. Their sandals with a strap between the fingers can be worn, and with shorts, skinny jeans , and light dresses. Similar beauty shoes can be seen in the new collection of Oasis street fashion brand, each product of which is known for its quality cut and comfortable design.

And how do you like these fashionable leather slates from the favorite of many Asos? Finishing with rivets will give look of audacity, a note of rebellion and freedom. A universal dark beige shade perfectly fits into the image of any color scheme. At Havaianas you can see silvery slippers on the company's rice soles. If you fell in love with the previously mentioned shale, decorated with stones, from Dolce & Gabbana, here is an interesting budget version of the brand Fila.

Slates on the platform

Women's slates on the platform - this year's trend shoes. After 10 years, she again conquers the heights of fashionable Olympus. You can not say that every young lady decides to walk all day on this beauty, but she looks very impressive. If it's important for you, how much more than style, and convenience and comfort, give preference to models on a small platform. If you want to visually stretch the silhouette, lengthen the legs, choose slates on a massive sole. Ideally these flip-flops look with sarafans, light midi dresses, fashion skirts "bell", A-silhouette, narrowed jeans, shorts.

Slates on a wedge

Women's slates on the wedge will help to create a stylish everyday image. They are ideal in the outfit of low beauties who want to look like models from glossy magazines. If you prefer a monophonic slippers of classical colors, they can be combined with strict skirts, shirts of men's cuts, translucent blouses. As for fashion trends, in the trend shoes on a high wicker wedge. Combine it with skirts in the floor, dresses, short trousers, short sarafans. The finishing touch will be a trendy handkerchief this year or a summer hat .

Beach shale

Women's beach slates are something that you can talk about endlessly. Due to their design and comfortable sole they have proved to be the ideal footwear for a street-style image. They are worn as celebrities, and all those beauties who adore stylish, but practical, things. A popular variety of beach slates are dianets, the ones that stay on the foot due to the strap around the thumb.

Often this shoe is decorated with floral decorations, pebbles. The models of the saturated color scale are interesting. As for materials, if you go to the sea, wear rubber shale, which can not spoil the salt water. If you decide to walk on the sea shingle, choose shoes with a lock on the heel. In it you will feel more comfortable than in ordinary slippers.

Women's shales for the pool

Women's sports shales are present in every collection of popular sports brands (Adidas, Nike, Puma and others). About them in more detail we'll talk just below. When choosing slippers for the pool, remember that they should be light, elastic and with a non-slip sole. To do this, choose shoes with a corrugated sole, noticeable protrusions that are able to withstand slipping on a wet surface. Pay attention to the elasticity of the sole. It should be dense. Otherwise, while walking, your posture will suffer.

Branded women's slates

Women's slates 2018 - slippers of classic black and white color, decorated with colorful shades, elegant bows, romantic prints with butterflies, dazzling stones, paillettes, with massive colors. To create an image in the grunge style, designers worked to the glory and released leather glossy shales with metallic inserts, with thin black straps. For those who adore exquisite things with a note of infantilism and tenderness, eminent brands enlarged their collections with flip-flops in pink tones with floral decoration, the colors of pink gold with stones.

Branded women's slates

Women's slates "Adidas"

Women's white slates adidas along with black are the most popular among women of fashion who adore shoes of this brand. What can I say, but this sports brand has proved itself as a producer of not just stylish, but high-quality products. For example, slates Eezay Soft have a soft texture insole from EVA. They are light, comfortable and designed specifically for the beach. And Black Flaps Beachcloud Cloudfoam have a classic silhouette. Their adornment was straps with a three-dimensional pattern. In addition, this model has a quick-drying Cloudfoam insole.

Women's slates "Adidas"

Women's Slates Nike

Women's slates Nike - a footwear created by the latest technology. For example, the sole of the beach slap has a special shape that supports the foot. This means that after spending the whole day on your feet, you will not feel tired and tense. To this huge plus is a stylish design that harmoniously complements the compiled image. During the purchase, carefully inspect the goods, so as not to get stuck faking. Here it is worth paying attention to the quality of the seams (no threads, visible traces of glue), materials (synthetic leather, non-slip sole).

Women's Shakes "Reebok"

Women's fashionable slates Reebok - it's lightness, comfort and modern design, from which everyone is crazy about who wants to go one step with fashion trends. Do you adore active summer holidays? Then trend Cash shales are created especially for you. Here you and impeccable depreciation due to foam EVA, and the shape of the back, designed in accordance with the features of the female foot. And the shales of Reebok Barbados are equipped with support of the arch of the foot and a comfortable sole . And the color scale of the "Reebok" models will help to choose shoes for every summer outfit.

Women's Slates Crocs

Women's slates Crocs - this is what makes every fashionista crazy. You have not bought a couple of colorful "Crocs"? The insole of this shoe is made of Lite Ride material, which has become synonymous with the word "comfort". In addition, the slates of the brand are famous for their small weight, due to which throughout the day you do not feel them on your feet. Flip-flops are great for swimming in the pool, for relaxing on the beach, and for active summer hanging. They are comfortable to wear and absolutely unpretentious in care. That's why "Crocs" are adored all over the world.

Women's Slates Rider

Women's silicone slates "Ryder" - a popular budget model of summer shoes, in which you feel comfortable, stylish and attractive. The Brazilian brand replenished its new collection with a series of summer slates: Island (wide straps and a sole adorned with snake print), R1 Energy (the highlight of the shoe was a bright tropical sole), Cape (shale equipped with a texture sole of bright shades), R1 (a classic combination of two contrasting colors ).

Women's Slates "Puma"

Puma women's slates are always trendy, modern and stunning. It is impossible to tear your eyes from the delicate colors of shoes, from traditional black and white combinations. The soft textile belt does not rub the foot, and the sole, created by the latest patented technologies, supports the foot, giving a feeling of weightlessness and lightness. This is the kind of shoes that can be worn not only in the pool, near the sea, but also in conjunction with everyday outfits.

Calvin Klein

Women's slates "Kelvin Klein" fell in love with millions of young ladies just like the clothes, perfumery of this eminent brand. Slippers are adored by many for their minimalistic design and a restrained color scheme . This beauty and want to wear with beach, everyday outfits. Fashion shales are not felt on the foot due to light high-quality rubber soles and thin straps.

Calvin Klein