Sarafans of 2018 - fashion trends - beautiful models for any shape

In the hot season, open light clothing is an ideal solution for comfort and functionality in the image. One of the most popular and beautiful items of the wardrobe are summer light dresses. And in order to comply with the latest trends, it is worth to review the reviews of the sarafans of 2018 - fashion trends.

Fashion Summer Dress Up Summer 2018

In the new season, designers experimentally experiment with the choice of materials. Given that the fabric should provide maximum comfort, let the air in and emphasize the feminine style, the most popular are products made of silk, lace, proshov, flax and fine cotton. In such an abundance it is easy to choose a stylish style for everyday wear , as well as for the beach or work. Let's do a review - sundresses for the summer of 2018 fashion trends:

  1. Asymmetric . Uneven lines of cut - a trend of attractiveness and uncommonness. For fashionable dresses for the summer, an asymmetric finish is considered to be an actual solution.
  2. With flounces . A popular addition, which makes the design feminine, and the image romantic, remains a wide frill along the d├ęcolletage line, the hem edge or instead of the straps.
  3. A fitted silhouette . Finesse and grace in the image will help emphasize the style that accentuates the waist. A trimmed cut is also able to correct a disproportionate figure, emphasizing the femininity of the silhouette and the smoothness of the lines.
  4. A-shaped cut . The most convenient are the free trapezoid model. This option is relevant in any length - mini, midi, maxi. And add an attraction will help cut the hem, open back, deep neckline.
  5. In the linen style . Fashionable trend is the delicate and elegant products made of cotton, lace or silk on thin straps. These dresses have become a universal choice for every day, on the way out and even non-strict business bows.

Jeans sarafan 2018

Models from denim are considered one of the most popular solutions for every day. Practicality and durability of denim material will ensure the functionality of everyday bows. However, it is important to take into account that products of fine and light fabric will be relevant for the heat. The most fashionable jeans sarafans of 2018 are presented in a short and moderate length. The trend of the new season was the style with a solid zipper on metal buttons. In the fashion version on a wide adjustable harness and more feminine styles with thin straps-ties.

Dress in a cage 2018

In new collections, designers accentuate the popularity of attractive and stylish models with a geometric print cage. Sarafans in 2018 fashion trends - an abstraction of both small and large motifs. Modelers use a variety of interpretations of the print - from the classic cell and the Scottish style to the original goose paw. If your everyday image corresponds to a bright direction, it is worthwhile to dwell on models of contrasting colors. More gently and romantically looks clothes with a shadow pattern - in different tones of one color palette.

Leather sarafans 2018

A popular choice is leather products. However, it is important to consider that such a dense material is not suitable for hot summer days. Therefore, summer dresses and sarafans of 2018 from leather fashion trends are elements of an evening and business wardrobe. The most popular form was a strict pencil of moderate length without sleeves. If you are choosing a more feminine and romantic option, it is worth dwelling on short models of fitted hack. Stylish trim often come in flounces along the edge of the hem, an interesting mix of glue and base, both on the back and on the chest.

Chiffon summer dress 2018

Femininity and the effectiveness of your image will perfectly emphasize the light dress of translucent flying material. The advantage of chiffon products is their versatility. Such beautiful and refined clothes are suitable for elegant bows and everyday beach combinations. Sarafans in 2018 fashion trends - moderate and maximum length, flying hem, beautiful finish. In such collections is popular asymmetry, unusual straps or their absence, drapery, pleated fold , multi-layer frills of different length.

Sarafans Summer 2018 Strapless

In the hot period, the actual solution of the fashionable bow is the accentuation of sexuality and femininity. One of the most popular ways to emphasize such qualities will be the selection of appropriate clothing. And fashionable sundresses of 2018 with open shoulders - an ideal option. The latest trends are aimed at combining modesty and attractiveness in the design of such models. Therefore, the most common steel shapes are of moderate and maximum length. But the silhouette can be tight. And to add effektnosti, designers decorate the line of the coquette with a broad flounce.

Summer dress with embroidery 2018

A stylish decision in the choice of decor became beautiful embroidered patterns and drawings. This kind of finish is appropriate for products made from dense, smooth textures - jeans, cotton, silk. Fashionable sarafans of 2018 are decorated with embroidery in floral, ornamental, animalistic and geometric themes. A popular choice was the products in the national style. Fashion designers use two basic techniques - the surface and the cross. Embroidery can complement clothes on a large scale along the whole length or laconic on the edge of the hem, on the coquette, pockets. Especially stylish and effective look bright models with a bright pattern.

Fashionable colors of summer sarafans 2018

The latest trends of modern style continue to follow the bright and catchy direction. After all, juicy and saturated colors perfectly correspond to the hot season. However, in the trend and gentle romantic solutions that will help to emphasize the femininity and ease of the image. A classic is a no-lose. And to emphasize its originality and uniqueness, it is worthwhile to dwell on beautiful prints and combinations. From the fashion do not go and all the shades of the neutral palette nude. But let's look at the most fashionable summer sarafans of 2018:

  1. White . An excellent choice for the heat is a light classic shade. In addition, that white color is practical in sultry weather, this decision will emphasize the tenderness, lightness and romantic style.
  1. In pastel colors . Beautiful light shades in clothes will make the image fresh and attractive. Corresponding to the latest trends is the design of lavender, mint, peach, pink, lemon color.
  1. Saturated monochrome . In the fashion and monochromatic models of bright natural colors. Red, green, blue and yellow are not equal in the brilliance and saturation, even with the most juicy prints.
  1. Black . In new collections, a separate line represents products of dark classical color. And although such coloring is impractical in the heat, black outdoor clothing will always add elegance to the image.

Summer dress with floral print 2018

Special attention was paid to the feminine design in the floral theme. In the hot season, this coloring is especially relevant. Outdoor clothing with flowers will add freshness, romance and refinement. Sarafans summer of 2018 fashion trends are large-scale abstractions and laconic compositions in the form of edging the edges of the product. In fashion, both large and small motif. The contrasting vivid abstractions are attractive and bright. However, the floral print can be gentle and light. An elegant design is often combined with other solutions - a fruit theme, a child's drawing.

Beach sarafans 2018

Open feminine dresses are especially relevant for relaxing at sea. However, not every model is suitable for beach images. The main difference of such products are natural blown materials. The best solution is cotton and linen. A practical and reliable choice is the option of knitted fabrics. And to add elegance and refinement, stop for clothes made of silk or chiffon. Equally functional and comfortable should be and cut. Let's do a review - summer sarafans 2018 fashion trends:

  1. Shirt . Very convenient are models with a solid button closure. This option is easy to take off and put on, which is ideal for a beach holiday. The style shirt is presented both in short, and maximum length, fitted, straight, A-shaped silhouette.
  1. Transformer . Products with the ability to change the design perfectly match the current trends of style. Transformers can be used as a dress, tunic, skirt or pareo. In addition, such clothes will save a budget and help you be different every day.
  1. Translucent design . Effectively and sexually look products of translucent design. This option not only draws attention to an elegant and beautiful body, but also helps to accent a trendy bathing suit.

Summer sarafans 2018 for full women

Girls with a figure plus size need to competently select summer clothes, since the open design is able to identify all the shortcomings that were carefully hidden in closed winter bows. Summer sarafans 2018 for full, fashion trends where aimed at elegance and femininity, will help emphasize the virtues and distract attention from the problem areas. A win-win choice is a model with a high waist line, accentuating the bust. The actual length will be midi clothing.

Girls with magnificent forms are better to avoid the printed colors with a small motif. But large buds, geometric figures and openwork abstractions will be an excellent solution. To visually look slimmer, stop for monochrome dark colors. If the main drawback is in the broad shoulders, choose a design with a dark top and a light hem.

Summer images with a sarafan 2018

An open summer dress is an excellent option for an image in any style. A variety of choice of models will help to choose a good style for every day or for a special occasion. Given the tendency of combining several directions in one bow, fashionable clothes look great with sneakers and sneakers, closed business shoes and ballet shoes, open sandals and romantic sandals. But let's look at the most popular solutions:

  1. City image. Free, denim and bright models of sundresses for the summer of 2018 look great with a city backpack, comfortable flip-flops, sandals on the tractor sole and sneakers.
  1. Romantic style. For feminine and gentle images ideal fit, asymmetrical and flying styles. Supplement this combination can be shoes with heels, a neat handbag and a wide-brimmed hat.
  1. Business bow . If your work dress code is not constrained by strict limits, then leather or cotton open dress-cases will successfully complement the image with shoes and classic shirt.
  1. On the way out . Beautiful chiffon and silk models will fit into the elegant evening image. In this case, it would be appropriate to trim with ruffles, deep neckline and open back, asymmetric cut. The actual choice is considered and styles in the linen style.

Short sarafans for the summer of 2018

Models of the shortened style are perfect for the hottest days. Such dresses help to emphasize slender legs and stylish shoes. Beautiful sarafans for the summer of 2018 will successfully complement the casual daily bow with sneakers, comfortable slates, unusual sandals. But while short styles are great for romantic bows with a hat, sandals with heels and clutch.

Long summer sarafans 2018

The longest maxi styles always emphasize femininity and elegance. Fashion trends in the latest collections are aimed at attractiveness and sexuality. Therefore, in the trend, long items with open shoulders and back, a cut of the hem, a deep neckline. Fashionable sarafans summer of 2018 successfully look both with a flat sole, and graceful heels, a refined wedge and platform.