Round bed

Round bed is a stylish and non-standard solution in the interior of the room. Such a piece of furniture has a streamlined shape, characterized by the absence of sharp corners, most often equipped with a beautiful noticeable back, at the head, you can put a lot of small pads. The back of the round bed can be straight, rounded, angular, massive or not high, sometimes supplemented by shelves, armrests.

Round bed - stylish and unusual

A room with such a bed geometry always looks unusual and modern. Double round beds are pretty oversized. Their diameter can reach three or more meters. But this kind of bed looks impressive and versatile, you can settle on it in any direction and position. Large round beds with a radius head are best for a spacious bedroom. Set it optimally in the center of the room. This bed will fill the room and leave the corners free, it will become an island of comfort.

In a small bedroom, a round bed can be used as a single piece of furniture. Add a similar interior can be oval carpet and beautiful curtains to create comfort. If you make a mirror wall behind the bed, then visually the space of the room will expand significantly.

The original look is a round bed-transformer, which can turn into an arc-shaped sofa. It is a semicircle with attached puff-segments or two semi-circular sofas. The head of the bed during the day is used as a backrest. Such a designer allows the seat to be turned into a box at any time.

Round bed in the interior

To make a similar piece of furniture ideally suited to the interior, the design of the bedroom should have smooth shapes. This effect can be enhanced with elegant bedside tables, pouffes, wall oval mirrors, tables, rugs, rounded forms on a false ceiling. The arch with illumination on the wall opposite the headboard will look harmonious.

It looks interesting round curved corner bed, placed on the podium. It will give the atmosphere solemnity, and the bed will look like a bed of kings. Often, models have a practical corner head that optimally fills the right angle in the room and forms an additional shelf for installation of all kinds of small things or lighting. Excellent such a subject of the model looks in the styles of loft , modern, high-tech and with smooth forms of art deco.

A white round bed will definitely become the dominant piece of the interior in the bedroom. A richly decorated crown-shaped back with beautiful rivets will give the bed a truly royal look, such furniture is appropriate for luxurious design. A white bed with a straight or arched back can be used in a minimalist room without unnecessary decorations.

Round children's beds stand out as a cheerful and bright design. They can be made in the form of a shell, flower, hemp, even a soccer ball. For babies are provided skirts, and for teens you can do without a headboard. Then the stylish bed can turn into a cozy place for a hanging out with friends.

Teenagers will certainly like a bed with a rectangular shape of mattresses, located on a round frame. For young people, pendant models of round beds are also suitable, because they love originality and experiments.

Above the round bed for the girl the air translucent canopy perfectly looks, which hangs from the ceiling and covers the sleeping place.

A round bed is a fresh solution in the design and zoning of the room. It allows you to create a beautiful and outrageous interior.