Red rash on the body of an adult

Such a pathological disorder, as a red rash on the body in an adult, is a common complaint in the dermatologist's office. It is not a specific disease, but is only a symptom that accompanies many diseases of various origins, including diseases of internal organs and systems.

Causes of a red rash on the skin of a body in an adult

All the factors provoking the clinical manifestation under consideration can be divided into three main groups on etiology:

A rash of red in the body in adults can be caused by one of the many ailments included in these subgroups. Therefore, it is important not to try to establish a diagnosis yourself, but to contact a professional dermatologist.

A large red rash on the body in an adult

As a rule, the described nature has a rash of infectious nature:

In addition, such a rash occurs as a result of fungal infections of the skin and systemic diseases of the viral etiology (hepatitis, disinfection).

Often, large red elements are a consequence of improper operation of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by intoxication of blood and lymph.

Also cause of a large rash are the so-called "childhood" illnesses in adulthood:

Such a red rash on the body of an adult usually itches, provokes flaking and irritation, a rise in temperature.

Small or spot red rash over the body in an adult

The formulations on the skin of small sizes are characteristic of non-infectious diseases:

The largest group consists of mixed pathologies. They can have any origin, but differ in that they are limited in manifestations only by the skin. Among them:

For the correct diagnosis, you will need to take a blood test, as well as scraping from the skin that has been affected. Only after revealing the cause of the pathology, its pathogen can be prescribed appropriate medicines.

In diseases of infectious origin, antibiotics, antimycotic and antiviral drugs are used for systemic and local use. In severe cases, agents based on glucocorticosteroid hormones may be recommended.

If the provoking factor is an allergy, it is necessary to select antihistamines taken simultaneously with anti-inflammatory drugs.

Noncommunicable diseases are treated after clarifying their underlying cause, since the rash in such situations is only a symptom.