Recovery after a stiff pregnancy

Restoration after a stiff pregnancy is a rather lengthy process. As is known, with this violation fetal death at an early age is observed, up to 20 weeks.

How is the treatment of an undeveloped pregnancy ?

Long-term recovery of the body after a frozen pregnancy is preceded by a therapeutic process.

Its main task is to prevent the development of suppuration in the uterine cavity. After all, quite often, from the moment of death of the fetus to cleansing, more than one day can pass. However, as a rule, this phenomenon is accompanied by such complications as bleeding, when establishing the causes of which it is established that the fetus is dead.

After confirming the diagnosis of "frozen pregnancy", scraping is carried out as soon as possible. This manipulation is the main method of treatment of this disorder.

How is recovery after fetal fading?

After cleaning with a dead pregnancy in the body, recovery of the damaged uterine endometrium begins. This process takes 3-4 weeks, but this does not mean that a month later a woman can start planning the next pregnancy.

The fact is that the recovery of the menstrual cycle after scraping the frozen pregnancy occurs 2-3 months later, which makes it difficult to conceive. Throughout this time, the woman takes hormonal drugs, which allows to normalize the hormonal background. Quite often menstruation can occur only 6 weeks after the operation.

In addition, at the first recovery stage, while still in the hospital, the girl undergoes a course of antibiotic therapy. Its goal is to prevent complications and infection, which is possible during cleaning of the uterine cavity.

Thus, it can be said that it takes about 4-6 months to restore the organism after a frozen pregnancy.