Preparations of progesterone

Preparations containing progesterone help many women get pregnant if they have a shortage of this important hormone. Also, thanks to them, the placenta develops correctly and the fetus is fixed.

As is well known, all is well that in moderation. Therefore, do not take progesterone medication during pregnancy, if this is not an urgent need. Like other drugs, they have some side effects: puffiness, increased blood pressure, oligomenorrhea, depression and others.

Preparations containing progesterone can not be taken for those patients who have insufficient kidney or liver function, thrombosis, hepatitis, nervous disorders.

What preparations contain progesterone?

Drugs used to increase progesterone:

Any of them can be taken only by the doctor's prescription in the recommended dosage.

One of the progesterone preparations - Duphaston - is very popular among doctors. It is most often prescribed because it is considered a synthetic substitute for the female sex hormone progesterone. It causes far fewer side effects than other progesterone analogues. Also, patients are pleased with its relatively low price.

Overdose of progesterone

With an excessive number of female sex hormones, doctors prescribe medications to reduce progesterone: Prostagladin F2, Ampicilin, Pravastatin, Carbamazepine, Leupromide, Cyproterone, Phenytoin and others.

Progesterone, in addition to the ovaries, is produced by the adrenal glands, so it is in a small number in men.