Mullein - medicinal properties and contraindications

Mullein is a medicinal plant that is widely used in folk medicine. There are several kinds of mullein, each of which has its own useful properties. In general, for medicinal purposes the mullein is scepeter-like and mullein is common. A hybrid species is bred by gardeners on flower beds and is an excellent ornament of the garden. The plant in its composition has many valuable substances, so its healing power is undeniable.

The chemical composition of the mullein

In the plant there are all valuable substances that a person needs so much to maintain his health. They are easily extracted, therefore it is quite easy to manufacture a natural medicinal product from the mullein.

In the plant there are such components as:

Each of them gives mullein incredible healing properties. And he, in turn, has a positive effect on all body systems, healing from all sorts of diseases.

Therapeutic and useful properties of herb Mullein

  1. Tincture of plant colors is used to treat pulmonary diseases and respiratory diseases ( bronchitis , pneumonia, just a strong cough). Mullein exerts an expectorant effect, relieving the lungs and bronchi. Accelerate the treatment and anti-inflammatory properties of the plant, and thanks to mucus mullein displays phlegm.
  2. He treats colds and viral diseases. With the help of the infusion it is possible to remove fever, improve the general condition of the patient with the flu.
  3. Fights stomach upset. Providing an enveloping, soothing effect, he is able to normalize digestion. In addition, due to tannins it is good for diarrhea.
  4. Lotions or baths with mullein contribute to the healing of wounds, stop bleeding. Tincture of the plant helps with various diseases of the joints, rheumatism. It is only to rub it in the place of a painful or inflamed area.
  5. Extract from the flowers of Mullein in olive oil (royal oil) is excellent for the treatment of otitis media, inflammation of the middle ear, as well as other ear diseases.
  6. Often Mullein is used as a remedy for hemorrhoids. The roots are suitable for sitting baths. And for lotions you can use a decoction of leaves and flowers of the plant.
  7. In addition, the plant can simply be used to combat avitaminosis and general strengthening of the body.

It is important to not overestimate the therapeutic properties of the mullein, so it has contraindications.

Mullein and the risks of harm to the body

Contraindications to the use of such a plant is practically not revealed. But this does not mean that it can not do harm. It should be noted cases where the use of the mullein is prohibited.

  1. Individual intolerance. Each organism reacts differently to this or that medicine, even plant origin. Therefore, having any allergic reactions to the components of the plant, it should not be used.
  2. It is not recommended to use mullein to pregnant women, since not all the properties of the mullein are so useful for the baby in the womb.

Since foliar leaves and flowers used in folk medicine have not only therapeutic properties, but also contraindications, it is important to approach treatment with the mind, and in case of serious health problems it is better to consult a doctor.