Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel - the reason for the divorce of a stellar couple

In the distant 1996, on the set of motion pictures "Flat" met a young and inexperienced Bellucci and a French actor with a reputation of "bad boy", Kassel. Three years they met and in 1999 joined their union with wedding vows. This pair was considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. During 18 years of joint life, two charming little girls, Deva and Leoni, were born to the actor's couple. And even if the parents had the schedule painted for months ahead, they still found time to spend a free minute with the four of them.

But this story is not destined to have a fabulous and happy ending: in August 2013 the actors dispersed. The first few months after such a shocking event for the fans about the reason for the divorce, neither Monica Bellucci nor Vincent Cassel mentioned. After 2 years, the press managed to find out something.

Why did Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel divorce?

" We are too different, " - the phrase that the star repeats in interviews repeatedly. " We broke up without scandals, by mutual decision. Vincent is happy to see his daughters. He has his own life, but I have my own life, "Beluci confessed. Monica claims she realized that marriage from a distance can not last forever. In addition, as it became known more recently, for many years before the appearance of children the couple lived just like lovers, but not family. Moreover, as some media argue, the reason for the divorce of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Kassel lies in his love of "free relations". This actress comments as: " I, after being married, more than once said that it is foolish of me to expect him to be faithful. I needed not sex, but confidence that he would always be there, especially in a difficult moment . "

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Finally I want to note that to believe the reasons why the beautiful Monica Bellucci divorced with Vincent Cassel or not, it's up to you. The main thing is that the favorite of millions, a beautiful woman did not fall from a difficult period in her life into depression , but she devoted herself completely to raising children.