Mesotherapy for hair - everything you need to know before going to the salon

Problems with hair are worried by many women. In some cases, they can be so acute, associated with serious aesthetic defects, which can not be avoided without the help of specialists. Mesotherapy for hair - a technique with which you can quickly bring your head in order.

Mesotherapy of the scalp - what is it?

The procedure, which is being discussed, appeared in the field of medical cosmetology relatively recently, but already managed to acquire a reputation as very effective, multifunctional, which in a short time yields positive results. Mesotherapy of the hair involves the delivery of microdoses of active multicomponent drugs injectively into the scalp, where they can linger, having a long beneficial effect. The technique allows you to deliver the necessary substances directly to the hair follicles, bypassing the systemic effect on the body as a whole.

In addition to the fact that the injections, called in this case cocktails, have a profound effect in the problem areas, acupuncture produces a peculiar point massage of the head. Thanks to this, stimulation of immune, hormonal, and biological mechanisms is carried out. That is, mesotherapy for hair combines not only complex medicamental therapy, but also reflexotherapy. The main advantage of injecting drugs into the scalp is an instantaneous reaction of the body, a quick effect.

Mesotherapy - indications and contraindications

When problems with hair or scalp appear, it is important to clarify what unfavorable factors this is caused by. This determines the choice of therapeutic methods, including whether it is possible to apply mesoterapia of the scalp in each specific case, whether it will be able to really improve the situation. Often already at the primary consultation, the specialist determines whether the problem is an indication for this procedure. In addition, although the systemic impact is minimal, the procedure has some limitations.

Mesotherapy - indications

A good effect of the course of mesotherapy for the hair is able to give in such cases:

Mesotherapy for hair - contraindications

If hair treatment is required, mesotherapy as a variant of the therapeutic method used may be prohibited under such factors:

These are absolute contraindications, under which the procedure will always be impossible. There are a number of relative contraindications - temporary or such conditions, in which mesotherapy can be carried out under constant medical supervision. These include:

Mesotherapy for hair - preparations

In most cases, for medication, mixed preparations or cocktails are used, including a set of necessary useful components that perfectly match and complement each other's action in solving certain problems. Cocktails for mesotherapy of hair, used in beauty salons and clinics, are created in laboratories of large European companies and meet all safety requirements.

The main ingredients in mesotherapy drugs can be:

Mesotherapy for hair loss

The most common indication, in which trichologists strongly recommend carrying out the mesotherapy course, is hair loss. Even if the procedures can not lead to a complete restoration of the volume of curls, it is quite realistic to stop the loss and improve the condition of the remaining hair. When mesotherapy is recommended for treatment of alopecia, preparations (cocktails) can be used as follows:

Mesotherapy for hair growth

Girls who dream of growing long locks can take advantage of the procedures under consideration, which will help to saturate bulbs with nutrient ingredients, "wake up" inactive follicles. Thanks to this, not only does growth increase, but also the structure of the locks improves. Preparations for mesotherapy used for this purpose:

How do mesotherapy hair?

Some women practice mesotherapy for hair at home, but such actions are associated with a high risk of unwanted effects and complications. Injection procedures should be carried out by specially trained medical personnel in conditions of high sterility. Be sure to take into account that when mesotherapy for hair is planned, before and after the sessions, one should adhere to certain limitations and recommendations.

The procedure should come with a washed head, do not take without consulting a doctor any medications and without using other cosmetic procedures. During the session, the patient sits in a chair or lies on a couch. The introduction of cocktails can be manual (syringe) and hardware (gun, mesoinjector), while using ultra-thin needles penetrating 2-4 mm. The sequence is as follows:

The procedures are carried out 1-2 times a week, in all, you may need 8-16 visits to the salon. After mesotherapy for the hair there are small bruises and wounds that heal independently for a week. After each session, it is impossible to undergo thermal and water effects for a couple of days, do scalp massage, play sports.

After mesotherapy, hair falls out

Some women note that after the mesotherapy has been carried out, the hair falls out even more. Such an effect may occur after the second or third session, but do not get scared. It falls out old hairs, in return, which will actively begin to grow new, stronger and healthier. The result can be estimated not earlier than in a couple of months.