Male virginity

It seems that our society is slowly recovering from the consequences of the sexual revolution and again begins to admire the chaste girls who approach the issue of sexual relations responsibly and do without early sexual experience. Male virginity is still not in high esteem, especially if a young man has already grown from a transitional age.

Usually it is not advertised, because the surrounding people immediately have a lot of questions and suspicions. It is believed that young people who have tightened with the loss of virginity are too clenched, insecure or have some physical disabilities. Basically, these are misconceptions, but they are so deeply entrenched in our public consciousness that they exert tremendous pressure, and the guys themselves also consider themselves inferior.

Loss of male virginity

In connection with the specific reactions of the male body, it is difficult to determine the moment when the loss of male virginity occurs. Someone argues that this happens during the first masturbation and ejaculation, someone in general talks about the first erection.

One thing is clear that the deprivation of male virginity in the literal sense of the word is possible only with the participation of a partner. But here again there can be a question, whether petting or oral caress is considered, or it is a question only of classical sex. Every man in this regard can have his own opinion.

During the first sexual intercourse, a man will not experience such severe discomfort as an innocent girl. Most likely, the very first time will not be very successful because of the excitement and tension. It is extremely important to understand that even if a guy does not succeed, this does not mean that it will always be so, because the technique will be developed with experience. After the first sex, unpleasant sensations in the bridle area are possible due to the fact that it will stretch slightly. Also, some young people mention other strange sensations that are difficult to localize, but it is possible that they are associated with unaccustomedness and excitement.

Signs of male virginity

If the guys prefer to hide their innocence, then how to be the girls with whom they decide to lose it? After all, if the lady is more experienced, she will quickly assess the level of the partner's preparedness, but if she has a poor understanding of sex, the probability of failure in the first experiment is extremely high.

The sign of male virginity may be that a partner avoids intimacy and begins to be very nervous, left alone with the girl. Or, on the contrary, endless stories about unthinkable sexual victories from too young guys can testify that he only boasted, trying to calm them and others. During the nearness of the inexperienced, the head will give inability to treat the partner and premature ejaculation, possibly even before the sexual intercourse.

If you notice that your partner is very nervous and frankly afraid of the first sexual experience, it is worth being extremely patient, understanding and affectionate. It is these qualities and your support that will help him to step boldly into adulthood and begin to comprehend the art of love.