Kim Kardashian decided to comment on the scandal with the betrayals of her sister's boyfriend Chloe

A few weeks ago, 33-year-old Chloe Kardashian first became a mother. She gave birth to a girl who was named Tru, but the birth was premature. The fault of this unpleasant incident was the news of the treason of Tristan Thompson, the boyfriend of Chloe, who appeared on the eve of the birth in the press. After that, the young mother flatly refused to communicate with journalists on this topic, but her older sister Kim decided to comment on this scandalous incident after all.

Kim and Chloe Kardashian

Kim emotionally commented on the situation with Chloe

During the filming of the last series of the show "Family Kardashian" 37-year-old Kim decided to comment on the situation that has developed in Chloe and Thompson, because the news of adultery severely knocked down the young mother. Here is what Kardashian said about this:

"What happened to Chloe, I do not fit in my head. Now I can only regret her and say that I really sympathize with her. All this information with treason very negatively affected the health of Chloe. As a result, it turned out that Tru was born ahead of time. More I will not say anything, because when a child grows up in a couple, then with expressions you need to be very careful. I do not know how the relationship between Chloe and Tristan will develop further, but their daughter, when growing up, can see this show and find out what I really think about her dad. Should not be doing that. I'm sure that my sister and her boyfriend should figure everything out for themselves, and getting into their relationship is not a very good idea. "
Kim Kardashian
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The Kardashian family does not like Tristan Thompson

After it became known about the betrayal of beloved Chloe, the press reported that Tristan was always indifferent to women. A close friend of Thompson told the following about him:

"Tristan is a womanizer. Before he met Chloe, he had a huge number of women. After he began to develop relations with Kardashian, he at first began to settle down a bit, but a month later he began to change Chloe. I do not think that it was a relationship with only one mistress. In fact, he had many women during his novel with Chloe. And even the pregnancy of his beloved did not stop him. "
Tristan Thompson and Chloe Kardashian

As for the famous Kardashian family, Chris Jenner, when she heard about Thompson's betrayal, was enraged. She quit all business and flew to Cleveland from Los Angeles in order to pick up a pregnant daughter from her boyfriend's house. Chris strongly supported Chloe, but her heart was broken. Then Jenner threatened Tristan that if something happened to Chloe, he would be jailed. In addition, Jenner and her daughters insist that Chloe be abandoned by Tomposna.

Chloe Kardashian with Sisters Kim and Kylie
Chris Jenner