Interesting ideas for street style

During the world weeks of fashion, the views of millions of women of fashion all over the world are chained to a series of designer shows. Journalists analyze the collections, highlight the most vivid and relevant trends, predict the fashion trends for the coming seasons. But more and more often the attention of the fashionable audience is attracted not only by the VIP guests and the movers of the fashion business, but also ordinary girls and guys who show original street-style outfits. Successfully matched clothes, an occasional, but very useful meeting with a fashion photographer on the street - and you are already a star.

The street style is developing at a rapid pace, drawing more and more people into the vortex of the fashion world. Fashion experts distinguish even separate styles for each city - Parisian chic, New York swiftness, London negligence ... The style of the streets now inspires fashion designers, while being the embodiment of true freedom in fashion. In this article, we'll talk about the most vivid and unusual solutions for creating an image in the street style.

How to look bright on the street?

There are two main groups on which you can conditionally separate the street style. The first is the style of the majority. The images of this group look bright and stylish, but do not break out beyond the notion of normality. This group includes also feminine baby-dollar images, and rough rock or punk outfits, just the same can include clothes in the styles of sport and swag . Despite the diversity, all these styles are rather moderate and most often do not cause a shock for others.

The second group is the outfits of fashion fans, fashion freaks. It is here that crazy images using wigs of a meter high, boots on a 30-centimeter platform with stucco or metal linen. Such outfits immediately attract the attention of absolutely everyone around, but the appearance of such a character outside the limits of thematic hangouts or the fashion week makes one doubt his mental adequacy.

If you do not plan to become a Mom of Monsters on a local scale, we do not recommend hitting freak experiments with street style. To look stylish on the street is to remember a few rules:

  1. Do not be afraid to experiment . Street style is freedom. If you do not like the latest fashion trends - discard them and dress up so that the reflection in the mirror will delight you.
  2. Bright colors . Street style is impossible without bright shades. Even if the outfit as a whole consists of things in a restrained scale, add at least a couple of color spots - a noticeable handbag, a bright strand of hair, stylish shoe shoes - all this will dilute the image and make it more fun. The exception is unless totallook - images made in one shade (most often black or gray).
  3. A combination of contrasting colors, textures and styles . The main trend this year is quite in the spirit of street fashion - wear rough biker boots with openwork cotton calico, combine plastic coats and luxurious fur coats. Feel free to be noticeable and unusual.
  4. Negligence . Your image should not look too "smooth". Let the hair get a little messed up or put on a jacket a bit larger than required size. Leave the glossy image images for elegant outlets in the light, and the street likes easy negligence.
  5. Non-standard . Perhaps the most important component of the street style. Use the usual things in an unusual role - make a skirt from a shirt or put on a suspension instead of a suspension, for example, an old teaspoon. Create accessories yourself with hand tools, mix styles and prints, put on all your favorite clothes at once. Try to look at fashion with new eyes and try something that nobody has ever worn before you.

Of course, to become an icon of street style, it will take not only a lot of knowledge about fashion, but also an undeniable confidence in yourself. But believe me, the admiring views of passers-by and the invariable attention of fashion photographers are worth it. Not to mention the feeling of complete freedom, which gives all fashionista street style.