Human Resources Manager - Responsibilities

Life goes on, times change, and with them people and their professions. With the passage of time, the society has new demands and this, undoubtedly, entails certain changes. Most recently, a modern human resources manager, we called the head of personnel departments or simply - a human resources officer. But now the role of the HR manager has changed a little, and began to include not only filling out work books and, according to the Labor Code, sending employees to rest.

What are the responsibilities of the HR manager?

Let's try to understand with today's essence of this profession. First of all, his functions include communication with people, that is, selecting candidates for a vacant position, creating a system for encouraging and punishing employees, as well as maintaining and even developing the corporate style of the company. It is from these people that the atmosphere in the collective largely depends. Therefore, the competence of the HR manager also includes the duty to formulate and communicate to the employees the goals and mission of the enterprise, to carry out activities that would contribute to strengthening the internal spirit of the organization, and also to disclose to each employee his prospects for the position he occupies. Yes, this profession is not easy and definitely requires special training and skills.

The basic requirements for a human resources manager include higher education, it can be legal, economic, psychological, pedagogical, and commercial - by and large, any, but necessarily profound and systematic. Special attention is paid to moral qualities. A professional in this industry must be organized, discerning, communicative and practical. The recruiting manager should be able to communicate well with people, and people with him. It is important that there would be no burden in communication, because there will be a lot to talk about by occupation. You need to be able to listen to employees, evaluate the characteristics of their behavior, be able to predict professional success, sometimes even help with practical advice. But at the same time, such an expert should be a good manager. Personnel manager also requires authority and rigidity, in order to be able to cope with the tasks.

Duties of the Human Resources Manager

Today, the following requirements and responsibilities are put forward to everyone who is somehow related to the profession of the HR manager in one way or another:

  1. Observing the labor market, owning information about the current situation with staff, the average wage in the market and informing about this leadership.
  2. If necessary, posting information about vacancies in the media and conducting interviews with candidates.
  3. The ability to create a professional program for each individual vacancy, that is, it is good to know what personal and professional qualities a candidate for a particular position should have.
  4. Planning staffing needs for the near future and in the future, creating a reserve of employees, as well as promptly searching for the right people.
  5. Knowledge of labor legislation, the foundations of business communication, work with documents and literate both oral and written speech.
  6. Drawing up and execution of labor contracts, contracts and agreements, forming and accounting of personal files of employees.
  7. Organization of internship programs, training, advanced training, attestation of employees, development, organization and conduct of training, social programs.
  8. Motivation of employees of the company, finding an individual approach to them.
  9. Implementation of control over compliance with the internal regulations of the enterprise, taking part in resolving labor conflicts and disputes.
  10. In addition, the possession of creative thinking, analytical mind, long-term and operational memory, as well as sustained attention and observation.

In general, it can be said that the work of the recruiting manager is a tricky combination of routine and creative tasks, not everyone can cope with them. However, if you feel the strength - boldly conquer the management peaks.