How to clean a microwave inside - a quick way

The microwave oven has become an excellent and convenient assistant in our kitchen. It is used for cooking or heating food, defrosting food. But when you use the stove quickly becomes dirty - inside there are greasy splashes from the products that were prepared in it.

How to clean a microwave at home?

Inside the oven can not be cleaned with hard brushes - just a soft sponge and liquid means, because the coating reflecting the waves is thin and can be damaged.

Than you can clean the microwave inside:

Quick and effective ways to clean the microwave inside

We clean the microwave for 5 minutes with lemon . It takes one lemon, which must be cut into several parts. Put it in a suitable plate and pour a glass of water into it. Place the container in the oven and leave at maximum power for 5-20 minutes. At the end of time, the plate does not need to be removed immediately - let it stand for another 10 minutes. Switch off the appliance from the mains and clean the softened fat residues inside with a soft sponge. This is the most pleasant way of cleaning - it scents the air throughout the kitchen.

A way to clean the microwave with soda or vinegar . In the plate you can put a tablespoon of soda or a solution of vinegar 1: 4, turn on the timer for 15-20 minutes, then leave the container inside for another 10 minutes and you can start cleaning with a cloth.

> Household soap for disinfecting properties is not inferior to chemical modern means. It can be used successfully in cleaning the furnace. Dilute the soap solution, wipe the inner surface and leave for 30 minutes. After this, wipe the remnants of the product together with dirt and grease.

Quickly clean the microwave is easy. In the future, it is better to use special dishes , cover the food during cooking with a lid or parchment paper to avoid contamination of the oven.