How to carry ballet flats?

Every girl is familiar with the situation when on the fitting in the store the shoes are sitting perfectly, and after a couple of days of socks you understand that you should still take the shoes to half the size, and even the size is more. It would seem that you will do it now - you will have to say goodbye to the couple you like, because they will not take the worn footwear back, and walking in tight shoes is not only painfully painful, but also harmful for health. It also happens that after winter storage, the footwear is slightly tightened, dries, and therefore becomes almost unsuitable for walking.

But there are ways to fix the situation. This is what we will talk about in this article. We will tell you how to carry out new women's ballet shoes quickly and without much effort.

How to carry leather ballet shoes?

To wear ballet shoes from the skin is not difficult. To do this you will need to soak the shoes thoroughly and for a few hours to walk around in wet slippers around the house. It is advisable not to remove the ballet shoes until they are completely dry, but even two or three hours will give a tangible result.

Soak ballet shoes as follows: put the shoes in a bowl and cover with a piece of natural cloth on top (it is possible and synthetic, the main thing is that the fabric should absorb water well) moistened with water. Then you begin to pour warm water on the cloth. You need about 700-1200 ml of fluid. Pour water into the shoes is not necessary, and in some cases even harmful (ballet shoes can get unstuck).

If you are afraid that such a "shower" can spoil your shoes, try stretching your skin in a "dry" way. To do this, wear shoes over tight socks and warm them thoroughly with hot air (it is best to use a hair dryer for this purpose). Please note that before the procedure, the surface of the ballet should be lubricated with a shoe polish, shoe wax or any kind of fat. This is one of the basic rules for the care of leather shoes .

How to carry suede ballet flats?

It is easier to wear suede, because this material is very plastic and easily takes the form of a foot. The main difficulty lies in the fact that most liquids leave indelible marks on the surface of the suede.

It is most reliable to use for a suede special means-stretchers (more often they are sold in the form of foam or a spray). If there is no opportunity to buy a spray or foam, you can try to stretch the suede with beer. To do this, wet the shoes from the inside and put them on top of socks. In such a hip-and-beer "design" you have to be like about three hours. At the same time, make sure that the suede on the shoes does not stretch too much, as it will be impossible to "pull off" the different shoes. After the ballet flats have acquired the required size, take them out to fresh air to ventilate. 6-8 hours will save the ballet costumes from the beer smell.

How to carry varnish ballet flats?

It is difficult and risky to wear lacquer shoes. The main problem is not to damage the glossy coating of the shoes. To stretch lacquer shoes you will need any alcohol-containing liquid. Suitable alcohol, vodka, cologne. Lubricate the inner surface of shoes with this liquid and put on shoes on top of a thin socks. Three or four hours of walking around the apartment - and your lacquer ballet shoes will be larger by half the size (or maybe the whole size).

The main advantage of such methods of stretching shoes is that they sit down exactly on your foot, and not just stretch in all directions.

But the most simple, reliable and universal method of stretching tight shoes is professional. True, this service is not offered by all shoe shops, so, perhaps, you will have to bypass several masters.

Now you know how to carry new ballet flats. But remember, that such methods should be used only in emergency situations. Always choose shoes to fit, do not torture your legs, take care of them. After all, beauty and good mood directly depend on health. Including the health of your legs and feet.