How long does love live?

The answer to the question of how much love lives in relationships, statistics does not give an optimistic - only about 3 years, after which 45% of pairs fall apart. However, new theories constantly appear, explaining what love is, and also the duration that determines it.

How long does love live in marriage?

From the point of view of physiology, love is the result of the hormonal "cocktail" coming into the blood, which causes confusion of thoughts, insomnia , palpitations, a state of euphoria and other signs of this feeling. This state of acute love lasts only a short time - up to six months. And if beloved after this period remain together, completely different psychological processes are included.

Most often, the question of how much love lives, tries to answer psychology. Specialists distinguish several stages of love, which successively replace each other:

How long does love live at a distance?

Love at a distance can not be called an ordinary feeling, however it often lasts much longer than a standard family relationship. People who experience love at a distance can be divided into 2 groups:

The love of "fanatok" does not fade away for a long time due to the impossibility to be disappointed in the object of love, because they do not meet with him. Such relationships are to some extent pathological, and you can get rid of them only by falling in love with an ordinary person.

Living separately lovers have a solid advantage over ordinary couples - they do not swear because of everyday issues, each meeting is similar to a holiday. That's why such relationships are durable. However, in this case, there were some "pitfalls" - if the couple starts to live together permanently, the conflicts between them will be much more serious than that of ordinary couples, who are more likely to experience "grinding" on the "wave" of a hormonal cocktail.

How long does love live after parting?

According to statistics, after 10 years of marriage, about 70% of couples disintegrate. And not always both spouses at the same time want parting, which means that one of the spouses continues to love. These love torments can last for years, since the marriage in this case is an incomplete process. With unfinished processes, or gestalt, psychologists work, helping to get rid of this obsessive condition, as well as the attendant factors - anxiety, stress, tension, etc. Having received the help of a psychotherapist, a person can get rid of inappropriate love after parting and start a new life, and, the sooner it happens, the better.