How do you like a man?

Lovely women! Be you girls, girls, women, grandmothers - you are always beautiful! At any age, with make-up or without, elegantly dressed or modestly, with a laid hair or disheveled hair - it does not matter. You are adorable by nature. No matter how you try to be even more beautiful, and whatever you do with your appearance - you still will not go to hide the natural beauty. Your attraction lies within you, it can not be hidden or shown - it radiates wherever you are!

How to like a stranger?

Every man feels the presence of a woman. He even changes his behavior depending on which woman is next to him. Some ladies mistakenly believe that a man behaves with them the way he is brought up, as he always does. No, it's not. Remember, a man treats a woman the way she allows herself to be treated.

How to like a rich man?

A very important role is played by the first impression that a lady makes on a man. Representatives of the opposite sex pay attention to how the girl presented herself, as she put it. And in general, at the first stages of the relationship, the man is very attentive. He draws conclusions based on how the girl reacts to his words and deeds. The reaction of the girl is perceived as an unspoken approval or disapproval. Watch your behavior.

How do you like a man younger than yourself?

This rule seems so simple, but sometimes it's so hard to stick to. We always want to be better. Therefore, we, women, lean out of the skin to attract and locate the man you liked. We can use all sorts of tricks, take responsibility to perform different duties, try on characters ... All this is because we think that such as we are, we can not be poisoned by our subject of adoration. And then the most terrible thing happens - the common mistake of women. We begin to lose our essence, our individuality. To our happiness, men are very sensitive to insincerity and love us real.

What to do to please a man?

  1. Sincerely interested in the man you want to please. People are pleased when their person is interested in someone. Ask questions, join the conversation. Lead her at ease.
  2. Call him by name. A person's name is the most desired sound for him in any language.
  3. How to like a man at work, or how to please a boss man
  4. Be a good listener. Encourage the man to talk about himself. Listen carefully, remember any information. In the most unexpected moment, it may be useful to you.
  5. Talk about what interests your man.

How to like an adult man?

And so, first, you need to be self-confident. And, secondly, first of all, a woman should be interesting. Only interested in something, it can claim mutual sympathy.

How to like a married man?

The main thing that you were special. Your uniqueness can be manifested in anything: in the style of clothes, behavior, manners, ideas - in everything! Do not forget to be yourself. Remember this, how much you would not like to like!