Fun on April 1 at school

April 1, almost all over the world celebrate a merry holiday - Day of laughter, or Fool's Day. Of course, this day is not an official weekend, but many people give it their due and act out their friends, colleagues and close relatives. Especially it is pleasant to this holiday to children, after all they more than others like to joke and laugh.

Traditionally, it is customary to organize funny jokes on the Day of Laughter, which will bring a lot of positive emotions to all participants. Of course, April 1 in any school or institute also does not do without jokes and all kinds of jokes.

Despite the fact that on this day, by and large, you can do anything you like, you should act with caution. So, jokes and jokes on April 1 at school should not be offensive, because all those who participate in them must also be ridiculous. In this article we will tell you what you can think up on April 1 at school and offer some ideas for interesting drawings.

How to joke on April 1 at school?

There are quite a few options to deliver positive emotions to your classmates and teachers and to make them smile. In particular, to play peers and teachers on April 1 at school you can use such jokes as:

  1. "Great prize." Prepare a gift and put it in a small box, and then densely wrap it in separate sheets of colored or wrapping paper by the number of children in the class. On each of these sheets you can write a jocular congratulation on the holiday, a cheerful wish or a short puzzle. Hand a gift to one of your classmates and ask him to deploy the first sheet, and give the prize to the next participant. So, in turn, the guys will unfold the wrapper, but they will not reach the prize itself, as the last child will be forced to give it to the author of the rally. It would seem an insulting joke, is not it? That's why you need to pick the right gift, for example, a box of chocolates, with which you can treat all friends and laugh with them.
  2. "Whether skis do not go ...". Close your eyes to your classmate and ask him to stand in the middle of the classroom. At the same time, in each of his hands, and also under each boot insert a long mantel match. After this, ask the unfortunate: "What month is it now?". Of course, he will answer "April". What will you ask him: "Why are you skiing?" Noisy hubbub and cheerful laughter of classmates are provided to you.
  3. «The ceiling mop». During the lesson, take a clean sheet, write on it "On the ceiling of the mop" and tell the neighbor, having warned that after reading, he gave it to the next student. This draw, including, will affect the teacher, because she will not be able to understand for a long time what's wrong, and why all the children look at the ceiling.
  4. "Songbirds". You can play your favorite teacher together. Agree with classmates that during the lesson you do not read the answers to the questions, but sang them on the motif of famous children's songs.

Undoubtedly, the best jokes on April 1 at school are impromptu. Trust your imagination and imagination, but be very careful not to offend your friends and friends.