Filters for the aquarium: which is better?

Arrangement of the aquarium requires consideration of many factors, because it is by no means a self-sufficient system, it constantly requires the introduction of the necessary substances and purification from the products of pollution and decay. An important instrument that provides both these functions is a filter. Therefore, it is necessary to find out which is the best filter for the aquarium.

Which internal filter is best for an aquarium?

Immediately it is worth mentioning that deciding which filter for the aquarium is better to choose, it is necessary to consider the volume of water for which it is calculated. After all, none, even the best copy of the filter can not cope with the purification of water volume two or three times higher than its calculated index.

For small aquariums suitable internal filters , strengthened on the bottom or walls. Purification here occurs by sucking water through synthetic cotton wool or foam rubber. Bottom internal filters, hidden beneath the soil layer, look more beautiful, however, this design makes it difficult to flush the filtering material, which is just necessary from time to time, so the wall filters for the aquarium are considered more convenient.

Which is better to choose an external filter for the aquarium?

Much more convenient and effective are external filters for the aquarium. They are located above the aquarium or behind it. As a filter material, a variety of porous materials can be used. The most effective and convenient are filters located above the surface of the aquarium. Water is sucked into them and, passing through the filter material, drips back into the aquarium. When the filter clogs, the glass container overflows, and the water again flows into the aquarium. This is a visual signal, indicating the need for washing the filter, which is carried out without disassembling the basic design of the water purifier. Usually the filter material is easily removed and washed, and if necessary replaced by a new one.