Feng Shui Hall - all the details of the right arrangement

We shape our first impression of an apartment or house by entering the corridor. Our perception of the home depends largely on color, smells and lighting. Consider the concept of an ideal situation from the point of view of human psychology, based on their laws of ergonomics. But this time we will look from the position of the eastern teaching.

Feng Shui hallway design

This part of the apartment is at the same time the most modest in terms of squaring and in demand in terms of functionality. The feng shui hallway rules dictate quite feasible, though sometimes contradictory. Rarely, it is a well-lit part of the home, therefore absolutely all the details of the interior are important, beginning with the choice of finishing the walls and small things like a rug.

Wallpapers in the corridor on Feng Shui

Masters of the eastern doctrine of harmony at home argue that the first step in creating the right interior will not be the choice of color or decoration in general, but the definition of the position of the room with respect to the sides of the world. If it was in the north-west position, we will choose wallpaper for the hallway on fen-shuyu in metal subjects, because this element corresponds to the direction. In such a hallway, walls in a silvery gray range will be appropriate, the wallpaper can resemble a light overflow on a metal surface.

When choosing a finish, you will have to take into account also the size of the room, and the degree of natural light. Almost always your corridor will be located in the center of the house, which corresponds to the element Earth. Intuitively, we choose shades of brown and red, which corresponds to the location. As for the drawing, this part of the house can be decorated with patterns that resemble plants or the theme of nature in general. This is a common theme, which is difficult to miss.


Photo wallpapers on feng shui in the hallway

We do not always have welcome guests in our house. And the most desirable is not always want to show the whole house, because there are so-called intimate zones in it. Eastern doctrine in this matter suggests that we create conditions for distracting guests' attention and preventing unnecessary energy flow. Feng Shui is designed to fill the void on the walls so that they work for the benefit of the owner and do not create an atmosphere of conglomeration.

In this issue, three areas work perfectly:

If a long corridor has one unoccupied wall, such images will prove useful. From the hallway begins our house, and it should reign order and minimalism. Otherwise, it will be difficult to create a cosiness and help the energy to pass through all the other premises without distortion. But to build a long wardrobe with a faceless facade is also not a good idea. And here images of a common positive theme will come to the rescue.

Mirror in the hallway by feng shui

Doing without a mirror in the corridor is difficult, but it looks especially harmonious there. In your apartment, positive energy enters through the corridor, and the mirror is capable of correctly directing and multiplying it, because it multiplies everything that is reflected. And on the contrary, if the reflecting surface is not positioned correctly, sooner or later the problems in the house will necessarily appear. Mirror in the corridor on Feng Shui has not only its place, but also a number of important characteristic requirements.

To ensure that everything in your house is in harmony, you need to remember the following points:

  1. Never choose for the reflecting surface a wall opposite the entrance, otherwise everything will be beaten outward, including positive flows. Ideally, a mirror with respect to the entrance door is hung at a right angle. If it reflects something beautiful, the position is chosen optimally.
  2. Size in this context matters. It corresponds to the growth of the highest member of the family, plus a small supply from above. This reserve in the eastern teaching is called career growth, a space for increasing welfare.
  3. The mirror itself also has some features. No matter how you want to co-ordinate, do not paint or engrave on the surface. Its surface must always be clean, framed by a beautiful frame.

Paintings in the corridor along the feng shui

Cases with pictures are about the same as with photo wallpapers. Our goal is a nice looking landscape, natural reliefs or an animal theme. The painting in the hallway on Feng Shui will hang only in a beautiful, good frame. The color solution coincides with the position of the hallway and the corresponding element. If this is the Earth, then it will be quite appropriate to have beautiful landscapes or sunsets in a warm red-orange range.

Your feng shui hallway should talk about well-being. That's why minimalism and a few correct decorative accents are called the basic rules. On the one hand there should be no confusion and the accumulation of things that are used occasionally, all this accumulates energy and does not allow it to circulate freely. But even the bare walls of Eastern teaching equate to emptiness, which also should not be.

Carpet in the hallway of Feng Shui

A small carpet near the front door is rarely noticed. Meanwhile, it is considered a powerful magnet for positive energy in the house. The corridor of Feng Shui, and the entrance door , will be located in one of the directions of the sides of the world, on them we choose the desired color of the rug. South corresponds to red shades, the northern direction dictates the blue color of the rug, the southeast corresponds to the green, all this you will find in the table of elements. Well, if the rug will keep a small secret: three Chinese coins connected by a red cord.

Watch in the hallway on Feng Shui

The course of time can not be slowed down, and the clock mechanism constantly reminds us of the need for planning and constant movement. The clock in the corridor along the feng shui is auspicious and necessary. For a beneficial effect, we remember the following features:

Aquarium in the hallway on Feng Shui

Fishes and an aquarium occupy a special position in the Eastern teaching. The size, location, filling and number of fish can both create a favorable atmosphere in the house, and completely ruin it. Fish in the hallway on Feng Shui will be a useful decoration of the interior, because they not only increase cash flows. According to the teaching, when dying, the aquarium fish takes away the failures from home. The design of the aquarium and the number of fish in it, the size of the glass box - all this should be comparable to the size of the room.

Therefore, the fish in our homes must be, but the place for them will be selected competently:

  1. The entrance hall in a private house is Feng Shui through which everyone entering the house goes to the rest of his house. It is important that positive energy is multiplied, which the aquarium will contribute to. Therefore, you can not put it opposite the front door.
  2. This is also true for a place near the wall between two doors to the rooms: this arrangement will lead to a loss of luck.
  3. Please note, do not aim sharp objects on your aquarium or the corners of the wall, this should be avoided.

Feng Shui hallway color

The choice of the design of the room is based on its location relative to the side of the world, even the color of the walls in the hall by feng shui will be determined according to the elements. The most important thing is to correctly determine the direction of the front door. If this is a northern location, it corresponds to the element tree. Next, we turn to the table: its color range is green, the water strengthens the tree and its color scheme is blue-black.

It is difficult to create harmony on several square, and even through passageways, meters. However, if you make an effort, you can attract cash flows and luck to the house, create conditions for the circulation of positive energy throughout the monastery. Eastern teaching will help to avoid mistakes when choosing the color of the walls and the arrangement of the entire filling.