Fashionable raincoats - 42 photos of stylish images for every taste

Spring is already around the corner, so right now it's worth taking care of fashionable outerwear that will help emphasize all your femininity and refinement in this blooming period, but at the same time remain practical and weatherproof. To date, designers offer many beautiful solutions. One of the most popular became fashionable raincoats.

Women's raincoats spring 2018

In the new off-season collections, stylish outerwear is full of the most original and even incredible design ideas. Stylists offer different textures and their combinations in one product. A wide selection is indicated and a diverse color palette, where each fashionista can choose a spectacular and attractive option for a specific image or a universal thing for every day. Let's review the cloak of 2018 fashion trends:

  1. Trendy voluminous cloaks . Oversize affects the line of lightweight demi-season clothing. A wide cut is presented both in silhouette as a whole, and the decision of a magnificent multilayered skirt with a tight top.
  2. Asymmetry . Uneven lines of cut will always attract attention. Especially relevant asymmetric models are considered for fashionistas with a figure plus size , as a way to distract from undesirable problem areas.
  3. Fashionable raincoats made of velvet . The novelty of the season was the products of luxurious material with a muted luster. Velvet styles are made in the length of maxi and midi, which once again emphasizes elegance and femininity in the image.
  4. Fashionable raincoats are mackintosh . Free trapezoidal silhouette models remain in trend this year too. Fashionable Macon style is universal for any type of figure and is perfect for active socks for every day.
  5. The style of the cape . If you are looking for an option that accentuates your uniqueness and originality of style, pay attention to a fashionable sleeveless style or design with an extra wide detail on the back.
  6. Without fasteners . A stylish choice of steel models for the smell. Such fashionable clothes can be worn unbuttoned or strapped around with a strap, highlighting the waist. The option without a fastener is relevant in a short cut.

Fashionable raincoats for women

Important in the design of fashionable clothes has its coloring. This year in the fashion are win-win solutions of classical shades - black and white. This option is universal for both bright and restrained bows, suitable for a strict and loose peach bow. However, if you select a model that will help to stand out from the others, it is worthwhile to dwell on bright colors, adding contrasting details to the image. Let's see what fashion coats 2018 are presented in the last collections:

  1. Red shades . In the new season in the trend all the shades of the feminine palette. To admirers of elegant and strict bows it is better to stop on the sated not striking tones - marsala, wine. Freshness and lightness in the image will add delicate colors - salmon, coral.
  2. Full-color palette . An alternative solution to boring classical shades are color solutions nude. In new collections, designers presented models of both dark coffee color and a delicate ai- ivory .
  3. Olive and emerald . A fashionable choice in the upcoming spring season will be a green palette. More bright and stylish are light olive color and rich deep emerald shade.
  4. Prints . To emphasize directly on the outer clothing, choose your fashionable drawings and abstractions. Especially popular are flowers, geometry, camouflage, children's themes and letters.

Women's Leather Coats

Leather products remain the most practical and effective. Designers recommend giving preference to natural materials. However, in the modern market there are also fashionable styles from quality substitutes. A stylish choice, which will emphasize the femininity and elegance of any type of figure , has become a female long leather cloak of a fitted silhouette. In the trend remains the classic style of direct cut on buttons or zippers. In the trend, both matte and varnished texture, embossed patterns under the skin of reptiles, quilted stitch.

Women's raincoat with a hood

The styles, complemented by an accessory that protects the head, do not go out of fashion for several seasons in a row. The presence of the hood provides complete protection from the wind and depending on the rain material. In new collections, designers presented clothes complemented with a detail for a head of wide and deep form. This feature allows you to make even a high hairstyle and, if necessary, wear a hat. A practical choice for each day is a beige or black female cloak. However, models with a hood are presented in both bright monochrome, and sprints, and in a transparent design.

Women's raincoat raincoat

If you are looking for clothes whose original purpose is to protect them from rain, pay attention to the models of dense polyethylene. Do not worry that such cheap material will ruin your fashion image. Today, designers offer interesting and original solutions, both in a transparent design, and in color. Demi-season women's cloak is popular in free and A-shaped cuts, and also complete with a girdle. An alternative option for polyethylene is plashevka. Floating products look spectacular in metallic colors for gold, silver, bronze, candy.

Women's Denim Cloak

Fashionable clothes made of denim are considered to be more in addition to the image. This option is not practical in rainy and slushy weather. However, tight jeans reliably protect from the wind. Women's spring raincoats are presented both in traditional blue coloring, and light blue shade, with effect of "varenki", gradient transition. Fashionable styles are moderate knee length and silhouette-trapezoid. A stylish new product of the season was the maxi model in the men's style. This element of the wardrobe differs free direct cut, sharp shoulders, rough accessories.

Women's raincoat trench coat

A trend in the English style remains an emerging trend. Fashionable women's raincoat-trench has a universal midi length. The top of this product is always fitting and supplemented with a turndown collar. The hem of the clothes is usually straight, and the waist is highlighted with a neat textile belt. The trench coat is made of raincoat. The natural and black coloring is considered to be traditional. However, recently, bright monochrome color solutions are becoming more important. A distinctive feature of such products is the double-breasted button closure.

Women's coat

This style of fashionable outerwear is often confused with an English trench. However, it is important to know the main differences that affect your taste. Female classic cloak can have a clasp on one or two sides or not at all to be fastened with the help of fittings, but only girdle with a strap. Fashionable clothing is presented in both a straight and A-shaped silhouette, but there is no fitting fit. Unlike the trench coat in the design of the jacket, there may be a turndown collar, a neat stitch or an original neckline.

Warmed Women's Cloak

Warm models will save you from the cold early in the spring. Topical materials for sewing such clothes are plashevka, bologna and knitwear. Almost all leather products are also supplemented with a heater. The support in this case is the fleece, soft bike or a thin layer of sintepon, sewn under the nylon lining. A fashionable style for an active everyday wear was a women's coat-raincoat. Such models are presented in the design of a functional park or an elongated straight cut with hidden pockets. Insulated clothing of classic cut is universal for any age.

With what to wear a woman's cloak?

This kind of fashionable outerwear in recent seasons is becoming more versatile in choosing the remaining details in the image. For strict and business bows stylish choice will be classic shoes with a heel, a pencil skirt or trousers with arrows, a leather bag of clear form and an elegant hat. Fashionable women's raincoats made of denim, leather, plaschevki perfectly combined with sneakers, jeans and a city backpack. The feminine image perfectly complements the printed style of the fitted silhouette in the ensemble with neat shoes on a wedge or heel and a handkerchief on the neck.

Short woman's raincoat

The models are considered to be shortened to the middle of the thigh. Such clothes are often presented in a straight silhouette, so it can be worn both loose and in ensemble with a girdle. A stylish solution to short models will be the choice of high heels shoes - boots, boots-stockings. In warm weather, you can wear neat boots or shoes. Female stylish raincoat looks great with tight elk or narrow jeans. Feminine combinations can be supplemented with a contrasting skirt in the floor or with a casual dress no less than five centimeters below the hem of the outer clothing.

Women's Long Cloak

Elongated styles fit girls of high stature. If you have a lean figure, choose clothes of light colors - a female beige raincoat, pastel solutions and white color. Full girls should wear dark colors. Female classic long cloak will always be the main detail in the image. Therefore, it must be supplemented with details. Direct and free models look great with Kazehal bags and sports shoes. The fitted and A-shaped models are better complemented by classic shoes with a heel or wedge, a romantic hat, a mini bag or a fashionable clutch.