Famous model Hanne Gabi Odile admitted that she was born a hermaphrodite

Little is known about the life of the Belgian model of Hannah Gabi Odile, and there was nothing strange about her biography. She grew up in the most ordinary family, then took up a modeling career, which turned out to be very successful. In 2016, Hanne married her colleague. But in 2017 the girl started very resonantly. The blame for this was a video on her page in Instagram, in which the model admitted that she was born a hermaphrodite.

Hanne Gaby Odile

Interview with Odile to USA Today

A video in which Hanne talks about how she experienced sex surgeries, as well as the one in which the model represents InterACT, were interested in others, and the USA Today newspaper invited a famous model to her studio for interviews. Odile immediately agreed and without delay told the interviewer, where it all began:

"I was born a hermaphrodite. Such children are born in about 1.8% of cases, so you understand, about the same is born with red hair. Can you imagine how many people this is? It's huge. In infancy, I was diagnosed with this and doctors took tests and said that my body is insensitive to androgen, which means that I will develop like a girl, according to a female phenotype. At the age of 10, my testicles were removed, and this was very painful. And now I'm not just talking about physical pain, but about the moral. I did not want this operation, but my parents and doctors insisted. At the age of 18, I again experienced a shock - they made me the plasticity of the labia. Now, after 10 years, I ask parents and all adults who are trying to "fix" their intersex child, why? Why do you abuse children? Who branded these norms on the appearance of the genitals in society? I do not understand this".
Odile gave an interview to USA Today

After that, Hanne told a little about her videos:

"On the first, I talk about myself. About what I experienced and with what "fought". I want everyone who has faced hermaphrodism to see it. I want parents and doctors to understand that "fixing" sex is just like correcting the color of eyes or hair. You just need to take this feature. In the second video about I talk about the organization InterACT, which studies hermaphrodism and helps children with this feature, as well as their parents, to understand and accept it. "

Video posted by Hanne Gaby Odiele (@hannegabysees)

Video posted by Hanne Gaby Odiele (@hannegabysees)

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John Swayte supports his wife in everything

The model Sveik, who is Odile's husband, supports his wife in everything. In his microblog, John wrote these words:

"I know that Hannah is proud to have been born a hermaphrodite. When she talks about the past operations, she cries. Now Hanne is trying to talk about this, to help parents and doctors adopt the hermaphrodism of their children. This is a very good thing and I support everything in my life. "
Hanne Gabi Odile with her husband