Emothenes with atopic dermatitis

Moisturizing the skin during the treatment of diffuse neurodermatitis is one of the main ways of removing irritation and eliminating inflammatory elements. Therefore, emollients are effective in atopic dermatitis, which simultaneously saturate cells with moisture and increase local immunity, providing the epidermis with reliable protection.

Emothenes with atopic dermatitis - names

It is necessary to distinguish the basis for creams and preparations containing emollients, and natural analogues of these substances.

As a basis for the manufacture of home remedies are used:

All of the above names are hypoallergenic, do not contain harmful and irritating chemical compounds.

Natural emollients are vegetable oils and animal fats. Despite the nature of such substances, they are rarely used because they create an impermeable film on the skin and in most cases clog the pores, causing an even greater manifestation of the symptoms of the disease.

What are emotions for atopic dermatitis buy - list

Very effective is a series called Oylatum. It includes:

The hygiene products considered are not mediodenic, gently cleanse the skin without causing allergic reactions and without drying it. In addition, Oilatum preparations form a microscopic film on the surface of the epidermis, which simultaneously protects from the environment and allows the pores to produce oxygen exchange.

Modern dermatologists recommend emollients Excipial in the form of hydrosolion and liposcience. Both agents are ideal for sensitive skin, quickly relieve irritation and clinical manifestations of atopic dermatitis. In this case, liposoulion is more suitable for very dry, flaky epidermis, as it contains quite a few fatty compounds. Hydrosignon, as the name implies, is based on water, so it is better absorbed, gently moisturizes normal, komibinirovannuyu and oily skin , ideal for use in hot weather.

The Emolium series is the recognized leader among the emotions in atopic dermatitis. In the line:

The effect of all drugs on the list is similar, but it is necessary to select the hygienic means, respectively, the severity of the symptoms, the form of lesions on the skin, the stage of diffuse neurodermatitis . The manufacturer claims that Emolium forms a protective microfilm on the epidermis, which remains active for at least 10 hours, which exceeds the performance of other brands.

If the above described drugs could not be found, there are several other names in pharmacies.

Atopic dermatitis - emotions:

It should be noted that the price of these creams and hygiene series is quite high. This is due to the composition of the products - they lack parabens, surfactants, perfumes, dyes, aromatic compositions and preservatives. It is also difficult to save by purchasing a large package, especially if small areas of the skin are affected by atopic dermatitis, since the storage period for such emo- lents is small.