Divination by Christmas at the desire for a pillow

Since ancient times, people knew that, even without magical abilities, with simple rituals, one can look to the future to learn about some important events. The ideal time for predictions is Christmas, because the energy and strength of this day is colossal. To get a truthful result, one should not tell anyone about their intentions and keep the sacrament. Many people spend Christmas on fortune and desire under a pillow, which is very simple, and even a child can master it. Used it back in ancient times, and since then the technology has not changed.

Divination by Christmas for the night under the pillow

In the conditions of urban life, many ancient rituals can not be carried out, but this does not apply to the techniques associated with the pillow. There are options for the desire and on the subject, which have significant differences.

Option number 1 . Many girls would like to see their future husband at least in a dream, such a wish can be done at Christmas, having spent guessing under the pillow. To get truthful information you need to guess only in your home, being in your own bed. Prepare a comb from a tree in advance, the options of plastic and other non-natural materials are not suitable. Still need cold water, a mirror, a candle and a cloth flap of black color.

Place the mirror on the table and light a candle in front of it. Next, place a container of cold water. Sit in front of the mirror and comb your hair, saying during this:

"My betrothed, come, comb my hair."

Repeat the spell 12 times. During this, it is necessary to constantly look at the flame of the candle, but to look away at the mirror is strictly prohibited. Immediately after that, put out the candle with your fingers, and wash the mirror with water and cover with a cloth. You can go to bed, putting a comb under the pillow and saying:

"Spit the braid, I'm waiting for him in a dream".

It is believed that in the dream must necessarily appear the image of the future spouse.

Option number 2 . This guessing under the pillow for Christmas is held on paper. With its help you can find out about whether the wish will come true in the coming year or not. Take a sheet of paper and cut it into 12 equal strips. At 6 write your most cherished, but achievable desires, and leave the rest empty. Before you go to bed for Christmas under the pillow, put notes with desires, saying "Come, come, come". During this, it is worth imagining how desires become reality. In the morning waking up, immediately without looking, take a note and find out the result. An empty sheet means that for the implementation of the plan, it will take another year to wait.