Decorating flower pots with your own hands

Ordinary flower pots from stores look the same, and those that stand out are usually too expensive. Therefore, inventive housewives all over the world create new decor of flower pots with the help of sea shells, ribbons, pebbles, newspapers and other familiar materials. All of them, undoubtedly, can help to achieve a wonderful result, but having some experience and imagination, it is easy to guess how to use them with even greater use and originality.

We will tell you how it is possible to decorate a flower pot beautifully and easily so that its decor can be changed every day, depending on the mood. To do this, you will need, first of all, acrylic paint, which turns any surface into a school board. Now it is not difficult to get, especially through the Internet. With its help, your flower pots will magically turn into easels for drawing or a note board, depending on what you like best.

To make your easel look pretty and neat, we suggest following these instructions:

  1. Make a stencil, through which you will apply the paint - a heart, a circle or any other. Tightly attach it to the pot. Do not use plain paper for the stencil, otherwise the paint will be absorbed and it will not be possible to tear it off. Take the most dense cardboard that you can find.
  2. Apply a roller or paint brush for chalk drawings in several layers. Read the instructions for the paint - usually every layer takes about an hour to dry.
  3. If you want to change the color of the paint from black to some other, mix a jar of acrylic paint of the color you need, with a few tablespoons of sand-cement mortar, and add to the purchased paint. In this case, a white paint was used.
  4. Make a butterfly or other heart from the stencil, do not forget to leave enough room so that the white paint does not hit the rest of the pot's surface.
  5. Attach the stencil to the pot and paint over.
  6. As an option, if it's easier to simply cut out a drawing that you like, than to make a stencil out of it, attach it to the pot and gently circle it with a thin sharp knife or an awl.

That's all, it's time to enjoy your own fancies! In the photo below you can get ideas of various applications of such a peculiar decor of flower pots.