Coat with sleeve 3/4

The coat with a 3/4 sleeve is in the lead on many fashion shows not for the first season in a row. And this means that its presence in your wardrobe is a must if you want to match fashion trends and be in a trend. And with this thing, believe me, it's quite simple.

Women's Coat with Sleeve 3/4

To look stylish and attractive in such a coat, it is important, first, to choose a suitable model that emphasizes the beauty of the figure, and secondly, to choose a successful combination of this outer clothing with other components of your everyday image. Let's first figure out the first question.

Girls of short stature should choose a coat with a sleeve three quarters not longer than the middle of the thigh. It is desirable that the style was straight or fitted with a belt. A wide flying model in this case will only emphasize a small increase. The same with sleeves - they should not be flared, and generally, try not to create additional volumes, strive to ensure that your silhouette becomes elongated.

High girls can give preference to other models. For example, a coat with a sleeve three-fourths to the knees with a belt at the waist, or wide, flared models, as well as incredibly trendy overcoats over this season.

With what to wear: