Circuit training at home

Circle trainings for women are effective for weight loss, but they are quite complex, so for beginners this option is not suitable for training. The high result of such an exercise is due to the fact that you can work through all the muscle groups at a time.

Circuit training at home

To begin with it is necessary to make a plan of employment, and it is possible to put in one complex exercises for working out of each part of a body or to train them separately. Thinking at home circular training for girls, you need to consider that you should start with a warm-up to prepare the body for work. The complex itself is composed in such a way that simple exercises first followed, and then complex ones. To increase efficiency, it is allowed to use additional weight, but it should not be large. For training, 10-12 exercises are chosen, and the circle should be repeated at least twice. Between the approaches a break is made not more than a minute. Each exercise in the circle should be repeated 10-50 times, and the muscles should work until failure. The total duration of training should not be more than half an hour. It is allowed to practice 2-3 times a week.

Exercises for circular training:

  1. Push-ups . Take a horizontal position, focusing on straight arms, which should be slightly wider than the shoulders. Go down, bending your arms at the elbows, and immediately straighten them. Press without delay, but keep the technique.
  2. "Mountaineer" . Do not change the starting position. Alternately, in the jump, bend your knees, pulling them to your chest. Run in the rest stop lying at the fastest pace.
  3. Cross twisting . Sit on your back, keep your hands near your head and lift the top of the body, and bend your knees. Pull the elbow and the opposite knee, and pull the other leg forward.
  4. Jumping . Stand up straight and jump, raising your hands above your head. When landing on the floor, place your legs so that the distance between them is wider than your shoulders. Perform the next jump, connect the legs together.
  5. Squats . Do not change the starting position and keep your hands down. Do squats , dropping before the thighs reach a parallel with the floor. At the same time, raise your hands in front of you. Take care that your knees do not go over your socks. When climbing up, lower your hands.

It should be said that circular training at home for men and women helps to cope with excess weight and tone muscle, but it does not contribute to their growth.