Christmas toys made of cones

New Year is a holiday that both children and adults are looking forward to. Well, and what New Year without the main character in the house - a beautiful and elegant Christmas tree? And if you have time and desire, you can decorate it with homemade toys, because only so winter beauty can become especially unique.

Excellent material for the New Year's creativity will be ordinary cones, from which you can create wonderful Christmas toys on the Christmas tree or beautiful decorations for the room. In skillful hands of simple cones, you can get wonderful Christmas toys in the form of cute birds, forest animals, grandfathers of frosts, angels, etc.

How to make a Christmas tree toy of cones?

We suggest you to work a little and create by your own hands unusual pendants on the tree in the form of hedgehogs. For work we need:

So, we proceed:

  1. First, it is necessary to bend the upper edges of the paper roll inward, thereby forming the forehead of the future hedgehog neatly. Then, with the help of cotton wools or ordinary cotton wool, smooth out the resulting cavity. To do this, glue the PVA glue with cotton wool discs and lay them in layers, making the hedgehog a rounded crown. In the middle of the top of the tooth we insert a toothpick, so that later we can make a loop.
  2. We dismantle the bump on a separate "scales". We begin to form a hedgehog coat. To do this, we glue the roll with "scales" using the super glue, starting from the bottom edge.
  3. Now the remaining part of the roll, we smear with a mass of papier-mâché and form our nose to the hedgehog. Then from the cardboard we cut out the handles, attach them to the body with the same mass of papier-mache and send the dried hedgehog to the battery.
  4. After our workpiece dries well, we proceed to painting. The body and hands of the hedgehog are painted in beige, and the "thorns" are dark brown. Then from the plastic we make eyes, a nose, a mushroom and we paste everything in place with the help of a super glue.
  5. From the remnants of plastic we make paws, inside we insert a rope and dry it. Then fold the rope twice and push it through the hole in the top of the hedgehog. Also inside the hedgehog we insert a bell, we make a loop on top and fix everything with a bead on super glue. Since the hedgehog we have is festive, we cover the "needles" with a thin layer of gel with sparkles.
  6. New Year's Hedgehog is ready!

As you can see, it's not at all difficult to make an amusing toy of cones with your own hands. Remember, creativity has no boundaries and obstacles, the main thing is desire!

Of cones, you can make not only beautiful Christmas tree toys, but also the Christmas tree !