Boots - trends - winter 2016-2017

Boots - one of the most relevant types of women's winter shoes. The high closed style allows legs to stay in comfort and security for a long time. In addition, this choice always looks elegant, refined and feminine, emphasizing the harmony of the legs and the grace of the gait. Also the popularity of boots is due to their versatility. After all, high shoes are great for romantic dresses and skirts, comfortable trousers and jeans, kezhualnyh jackets and sheepskin coats, elegant coats and fur coats. That's why from season to season designers offer new stylish collections. And in this article we will talk about the most fashionable trends of boots 2016-2017.

Winter boots - trends 2016-2017

When choosing a winter footwear it is very important to remain stylish. After all, most often this particular wardrobe attracts attention to the femininity and elegance of its owner against the backdrop of unwieldy clothes. Similar features and guided designers in the collections of winter 2016-2017. Thus, a popular choice in the new season were models that combine laconism and expressiveness. Designers offer a minimum of decor, but original and unusual material, a non-standard form. In the 2017 season, the trend is boots made of reptile skin, patent leather, and a combination of leather with suede or nubuck.

A stylish novelty that will help to demonstrate the originality and individuality of steel models with a combination of leather and textiles - jute, cloth, dense cotton. Given that leather products are considered the most common in new collections, you can argue about the focus of designers on the practicality and convenience of shoes. Let's see what women's boots are in the trend in the winter of 2016-2017?

Boots with heels - trends winter 2016-2017. Models on heels are increasingly presented in a stable and comfortable design. In the new season, the wider and more massive the shoe, the more relevant the shoes. It is worth noting that the fashionable heel is much thicker than in previous collections.

Boots on the platform - trends winter 2016-2017. These models are, perhaps, the most diverse choice. In fashion and a very high straight platform, and a curved rise, and a small relief base, as well as a combination of a thick sole of the sock with a massive heel.

Winter boots on a flat course - trends 2017. The most popular choice without lifting steel models on a manga and foam. Fashion trend is considered boots with contrasting coloring of the sole and main part. Suppose a small heel-horseshoe height is not more than two centimeters. In addition, the fashion remains the sole-tractor.