Bedroom and living room in one room - design, secrets of successful interior decoration

Bedroom and living room in one room - a design that allows you to save space in a dwelling, if it is severely limited in number of square meters. Winning and tasteful design of such a home is possible due to the proper zoning and accounting features of the room.

Design of a living room combined with a bedroom

Not every family has the opportunity to live in a house with a large area. Much more often, apartment owners are in a situation where one room needs to be divided into two, and there is no real opportunity to install a real partition. To help you can come to the division of the room into the bedroom and the living room with the help of modern design techniques. Experts advise:

  1. Determine the shape of the room. A square room should be divided into two identical parts in order to avoid visual disproportion. Rectangular housing is permitted to be zoned with an emphasis on one, more half of the room.
  2. Decide which zone will be used for talking and watching TV, and which one is for sleeping and resting in silence. If you understand, most of the modern city dwellers live in the living room, in fact: a bedroom is inconceivable without a TV set, next to which it is unrealistic to fully relax. This situation must be corrected - at least for the sake of maintaining health.

Small living room-bedroom

The lack of free space can be presented in the form of an advantage: it creates the prerequisites for immediately abandoning the irrational use of the premises and unnecessary accessories. The smaller the room, the simpler and more functional the interior design of the bedroom-living room should be. In the conditions of deficiency of the area it is important to use every millimeter:

  1. The entire room should be divided into at least three zones before the arrangement of furniture - rest, storage and decorative. In the latter you can install a creative lamp or a small imitation of a fireplace portal for comfort.
  2. For a folding sofa, a table, window openings, only light textiles should be used, because such shades visually make the room wider and more spacious.
  3. Furniture should "soar" above the floor - this effect is achieved by having thin, but strong legs. This device will not only add airiness to the bedroom and living room design in one room, but it also allows you to get additional storage space under the closet or bed.

Square bedroom-living room

In comparison with the rooms of a narrow and elongated shape, this form is considered the most advantageous. It is easier to divide it into two parts, but the bed-sofa must necessarily stand in the center of the room. Due to the fact that it performs the role of a kind of curb, part of the room on either side of it can be decorated in one of two ways:

  1. Make the situation mirrored. If the owner of the apartment chooses the design of the living room with a bedroom of this type, then you will have to buy twin accessories - bedside tables or sconces.
  2. Make one zone - functional, and the second - free of key parts. This method assumes that on one side of the bed will be a closet or chest of drawers, and on the other - decorative details or items of the collection if the tenant has a hobby.

Bedroom-living room design with balcony

If a glazed balcony adjoins the room, this greatly simplifies the task of organizing the available space. The combination of the bedroom and the living room with the adjoining of the loggia area with access to it sets up to place a study on it. If in a traditional living room for a computer corner or a shelf with books you have to allocate half-rooms, then the balcony becomes a separate functional area. You can beat this feature in such ways as:

  1. A single style for the whole room. Since the bedroom and the living room are combined in one room, the design can not have the style of provence or country - they are more suitable for the kitchen and dining room. But the classic, loft or modern will be very relevant.
  2. Zoning of the combined balcony in a style close to the decoration of the room. If the main room is devoted to the marine theme, the balcony can be decorated with blue and blue shades, decor in the form of cockleshells or anchors.

How can I design a living room and a bedroom?

The isolation of an isolated place for relaxation is a task that designers consider paramount when the issue of such a delimitation of the room is. Separation of the bedroom and the living room can not be carried out with the help of a massive bed, because it adds to the interior. There are other ways to allocate a recreation area:

  1. Zoning by a screen. The screen can be ethnic (in Chinese style) or neutral - a classic neutral tone.
  2. Separation with a closet. A thin cabinet or rack is best ordered by individual measurements, so that it does not occupy most of the room.
  3. Zoning curtains. Elementary and inexpensive way: when changing design, buy new textiles cheaper.

Wallpaper for living room-bedroom

With the help of a cover for walls of different shades and textures, everyone can change the appearance of the dwelling or save space. Living room with bedroom gives the right to combine two or three types of wallpaper and adjust the space without repair and radical methods. In order for efforts to succeed, it is worth knowing in advance about some subtleties:

  1. To distinguish the sleeping area, you can not use gloomy tones or too bright shades, pressing on the psyche.
  2. When the bedroom and living room are planned in one room, the design can be accentuated by a combination of vertical and horizontal strips. Due to the contrast of the drawings, the design of the room will look diverse.
  3. The application of wallpaper in different colors. The main thing is that they have a similar palette or texture - otherwise the unevenness and joints will be noticeable.

Zoning of the bedroom and living room with partitions

Once the construction of a wall between two different premises is physically impossible, you can think of a weightless substitute for it. Separation of the bedroom and living room partition - an ideal replacement for her. There are four main types:

Bedroom furniture

The best option is a sofa bed - it decomposes when necessary. In the modern market, you can find a stylish model with an extra option of storing bed linen. Since it is not possible to make a bedroom and a living room from the room by the right choice of a sofa, it is important to consider the following details:

  1. Buying tables and puffs on wheels - they can be rolled back during the unfolding of the sofa without difficulty.
  2. The sleeping area should not be a through passage: it is better to allocate under it the corner part of the room.
  3. Furniture should not have lush forms and pompous decorative elements.

Living room-bedroom ideas - ceiling

In a small room, which in addition needs to be divided into two functional areas, there is always not enough space and height. Correct the interior of the living room with the bedroom will help properly decorated ceilings. A lucky option is the stretch ceiling , due to the fact that there are some tricky tricks with its decoration:

  1. Use a glossy cloth instead of a matte to divide the room.
  2. Color insert in the central part of the ceiling. A narrow long room it will make more square in the visual perception.
  3. Sky or space expanses, presented in the form of ceiling wallpaper, create the feeling of an infinitely high ceiling.

Bedroom combined with living room - floor

All used finishing materials should be environmentally friendly to protect health during sleep. The best option for a bedroom-living room on the allocation of a relaxation zone is the podium. The room is divided into two parts, in one of which the floor rises to the height using a monolithic or frame construction. You can build the podium itself from a wooden beam or building slabs.