With what to wear a poncho - the rules for creating a fashion image

Among a wide variety of women's clothing, a wardrobe such as a poncho is clearly distinguished. This product has a very original, but very interesting appearance, so it attracts many women. Nevertheless, not all women of fashion know what to wear a poncho with, and with what things it is better not to combine it.

With what to wear a poncho 2018?

In 2018 stylists and designers presented in their collections a lot of interesting variations of outerwear for fine ladies. In particular, many brands paid attention to the creation of bright and attractive poncho models, which are perfectly suited for supplementing demi-season images. So, among those with which to wear a poncho in 2018, the following combinations are clearly distinguished:

With what to wear a poncho in the spring?

Like a couple of seasons ago, the Poncho 2018 can be entered into a huge number of stylish images designed for the off-season. Modern models of this wardrobe are unusually aesthetic, feminine and elegant, so they can be combined with different things, shoes and accessories. So, in the spring of 2018, most girls will choose the following combinations:

With what to wear a poncho in the summer?

Summer models of this product almost always replace a cardigan, jacket or cardigan, so they should be worn on top of the items of the basic women's wardrobe - shirts, T-shirts or simple tops and turtlenecks. The bottom of this image should be restrained and succinct - perfect simple straight trousers or classic jeans.

In addition, often girls and women are wondering what to wear a poncho coat on a cool summer day. This thing is very difficult to fit into the image of a modern fashionista, because it adds volume and always attracts attention. Best of all, this product looks with tight-fitting dresses and midi skirts, tight jeans and high-heeled shoes.

With what to wear a poncho in the fall?

In the autumn season there is a maximum number of options, with which you can wear a poncho for a walk, a romantic date or a friendly meeting. During this period, stylists are advised to put on warmed products, which can become an alternative to the habitual coat. So, a warm poncho looks great with the following sets of women's clothing:

With what to wear a poncho in the winter?

The question of what to wear a poncho in the winter, also often worries fashionistas, who want at any time of the year to look "with needles." Models for winter often have fur trim or are completely made of natural or artificial fur, which makes them luxurious and exquisite. For this reason, a woman's warm poncho is best combined with elegant dresses, mostly of maxi-length, and necessarily - high-heeled shoes.

With what to wear a beach poncho?

Recently, among vacationers, you can often see the original beach poncho worn over a bathing suit. As a rule, this thing is chosen by courageous and self-assured girls, who always need to remain in the spotlight. The beach image on the basis of this product always looks delicious, but for greater expressiveness it can be supplemented with a straw hat and charming sandals on a small wedge.

Fashionable images with a poncho

To create stylish, bright and attractive images based on this wardrobe item, you need to know how to properly carry a poncho. So, it's important for girls and women to understand that this product is always the main accent of the fashionable look, and it is not recommended to combine it with other excessively catchy objects. In addition, any poncho model adds to the volume of the upper body, so it has to be balanced to achieve the correct proportions.

Poncho with skirt

On the basis of skirts of different styles and length, you can create bright, stylish and feminine images for any situation. So, business women like the combination - a white poncho and a black pencil skirt made of genuine leather. In everyday life, you can wear a bright poncho model with a laconic print and a denim skirt-year of classic blue from dense denim. As for shoes, this outfit'y best to pick up comfortable shoes or shoes on a low steady heel.

Poncho with jeans

A beautiful and bright poncho looks great with skinny jeans tucked into boots with a high bootleg, or jeans with a not too wide flare from the knee. In the latter case, preference should be given to low shoes - shoes, ankle boots or shoes. Fashionable knitted poncho in combination with jeans is perfect for walking, shopping or meeting with friends on warm spring or autumn days. If the weather on the street is not too good, and there is a high probability of a sudden start to rain, preference is best given to a warm coat with a hooded poncho.

Poncho with dress

To create feminine and romantic images, a wonderful dress will become an attractive dress, a poncho with which it looks just fine. The length of such an object can be different - from mini to maxi, however, the choice of footwear depends very much on this parameter. So, short mini-dresses with ponchos can be worn in combination with jackboots, medium length products - with classic boots, and maxi models - with short boots or high-heeled boots.

The hem of the dress for the combination with the poncho should not be too wide, since the sumptuous skirt in the ensemble with this item of the upper wardrobe will look awkward and too cumbersome. The same goes for pleated skirts and models with a lot of folds and draperies in the bottom of the product. The ideal choice for creating similar images is an elegant dress-case with a calm coloring, emphasizing feminine and seductive curves of the silhouette of its owner.

Poncho with belt

Since this product adds volume to the top of the silhouette and looks too massive and cumbersome, many young ladies supplement it with a thin or wide belt that emphasizes the waistline. An exquisite poncho with a belt is perfect for creating feminine and romantic images and is perfectly combined with various skirts and dresses.

Very well, if the belt on this subject of the wardrobe echoes with other accessories used in the fashionable look'e. So, for example, a black leather belt will make a wonderful pair with gloves made of the same material, and a cloth belt can coexist with an elegant hat from a similar texture and shade of fabric.

What to wear with a poncho - shoes

The choice of shoes for this subject of women's wardrobe is incredibly wide. So, in everyday life, knitted or woolen ponchos can be combined with sneakers on a wedge or a small platform, shoes with any kind of sole, shoes with a square steady heel, exquisite botilions and boots-chelsea.

In the winter and demi-season period ponchos, clothing to which should be warm and comfortable, is perfectly combined with different boots. The height of the bootleg of this type of footwear depends directly on the chosen trousers or skirts - narrow trousers and short skirts are better combined with high boots, and wide trousers and long skirts - with trimmed boots.