Tilda Ballerina

Lovely, beautiful and very positive dolls Tilda has long won the hearts of needlewomen. Purple Tilda dancer is one of the most interesting models of dolls, as her variations are many and she looks amazing. The tilde of a ballerina is slightly different from the usual Tilda interior, her hands and leg are bent, and she also has clearly defined female forms.

How to sew a doll to a ballerina Tilda?

The tilde of the ballerina will be about 40 cm tall from a pattern on an A4 sheet. Now consider the instruction how to sew a doll to the ballerina Tilda.

1. We put all the patterns on the fabric and cut them out. The body will immediately be cut from a colored fabric.

2. On the front part of the trunk we lay two opposing folds (we form a bust). Pin a piece of the shoulder-head. An important point: the line must begin and end strictly on the side seams of the trunk.

3. This is how our procurement looks at this stage.

4. Do the same with the back of the trunk and part of the shoulders-head. As a result, we received two blanks.

5. Gently with the sides to the inside we combine two blanks. We break them with pins and we put them on the machine. First we sew the bottom part.

6. Then we just puncture the pins and stitch on the top and the machine.

7. Pay attention to the peculiarity of laying the stitches when the body of the tilde of the ballerina is sewn: the distance at the bottom of the shoulder is left untouched. This is necessary in order to sew the doll's hand in the future.

8. We turn the workpiece. First of all it is necessary to fill the head and shoulders, then go to the middle and at the end to the bottom of the trunk.

9. Important advice: it is very convenient to dial the synthon, which is torn to strips, it does not give any tuberosity during packing.

10. During the stuffing of the limbs, there is also a small trick: turn and stuff better at the same time to avoid "cellulite".

11. Our pens and feet are ready.

12. Mount the legs. We lower the lower part of the trunk and fix everything with pins, but do not need to fill the legs to the end, about 1 cm is left.

13. Next, connect the bottom of the front and back of the trunk. Sew all by hand. We will sew by means of a seam "forward a needle", all over again in one party, then back.

14. This way of fastening will allow our Tilde to sit down.

15. Stitch the legs around the knees so they also bend.

16. We fix the handles first with pins, then sew on. If you sew them flat, they will bend.

17. From the nose additive we will make hair. In fluffy form, they look very natural.

18. We make our lilac Tilde a ballet dancer.

19. From a strip 5 cm wide and a length equal to the circumference of the doll's shoulders, we make a frill. Stitch and tighten. Similarly we sew a skirt. Shoes are painted with acrylic paints. Done!